Limited Run SNW Phaser "Big Damn Hero" Kit Phase II


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As a Starfleet officer beaming down to planets and encountering dangerous adversaries such as Klingons and Gorn, having a high-quality, reliable phaser by your side is not just important—it is absolutely essential. The phaser is not merely a weapon; it is a tool that ensures the safety and protection of both the officer and potential allies, enabling them to navigate treacherous situations with confidence and efficiency.

This SNW Phaser "Big Damn Hero" Phase II Kit brings together everything you need in one box to assemble a static "hero edition" prop, with improved parts:

CNC Machined Parts:

- Emitter Assembly (Aluminium)
- P2 Side Dial Assembly (Aluminium)
- Trigger (Aluminium)
- P2 Fins (Aluminium)
- P1 Crispy (Aluminum)
- P1 Setting Indicator Dial (Aluminium+Vacuformed clear dial cover)
- P2 Stun/Kill Indicator (Aluminum+ Acrylic)
- Selector Switch (Aluminum)
- P2 Studs (Aluminium+Brass)

ABS Resin Printed Parts (Printed under license from LimeyBuilds):

- P1 Body
- P2 Body
- P2 Handle
- P2 Handle Base
- Misc internal parts

No electronics are included in this kit, it is when built a STATIC prop. However, an electronics kit that was designed to be fully compatible with this one in production from this kindly fellow.

Black Sea recommends Starchwreck Models and Props for those looking to commission a complete build of this kit. We can even ship directly to them to save you the trouble.

If you would like a display stand for this prop, a limited number are also available

50% deposit due on ordering, production starts 29 March 24, with kits shipping end of May 24. Remaining balance and shipping due once kits are ready to ship.

Order Page to secure your spot.
For anybody doing their own electronics for these, I had a helluva time trying to find clean sounds for the phaser. I finally got a new UHD-compatible drive for my Mac and was able to rip some sounds. They're not perfect (had to strip the Dolby and do some spectral deletes) but here's this. Thanks again for putting these kits together.


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