SNW Communicator "Big Damn Hero" Kit - FINAL FINAL LAST RUN!!!


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Ok, so I know I said the last run was the “FINAL RUN!”. People keep twisting my rubber arm.

I need to move on to new things.

So, here are the details.


Everything you need to build a hero grade prop, with working flip open activated display. This photo is representative of what you can do with the kit:


Kit includes:

  • Nylon printed shells, done on a professional HP Multijet machine (black).
    • These are modified from LimeyBuild’s original files to accommodate the reed switch. Tim is being
      compensated for his original work, so this is a kosher resale of his excellent efforts.
    • These are v2 compatible, so magnetic closure, more accurate design.
  • CNC Machined parts (aluminum)
    • Antenna, anodized gold (v2, slightly larger holes for better accuracy compared to last run)
    • Moire Ring
    • Dials
  • Lasercut parts (aluminum)
    • Dial plate
    • Mid trim (requires final polishing)
  • Display unit
    • includes battery (Canada only, elsewhere no battery but JST PH 2.0 compatible)
    • Preloaded with animation courtesy of Graham Andersen (you rock Graham!)
    • USB power, recharge unit from usb port.
  • Misc parts
    • proper metal mesh for front grill
    • real socket bolts instead of printed into the shells
    • magnets
    • swing rod for antenna (steel)
This is a KIT, so some assembly required. Instructions included as always. The grunt work is taken out in that the shells are modified for the reed switch, and the antenna is pre drilled for a magnet.

Not looking to draw this out, I will take orders for 20 kits, then send out invoices and place the order. Funds due on ordering, delivery guaranteed within 5 weeks of the order being placed.

To improve customer service and reduce manual shipping etc, orders will be through my webstore @

Price is $185USD+shipping. PM me here to get on the list.

Thx again to Tim LimeyBuilds, Dan @starsend, and Graham for contributing design talents on this.
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Had a lot of disappointed people with such a small qty, so there is some extra stock laid on. first come first serve.

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