Limited Run SNW Phaser "Big Damn Hero" Kit

These parts are absolutely top notch work.

Does anyone know of an electronics run for this? I saw a post on FB, but it looks to have stalled out.
I custom did my own. It works a little different - the handle has a battery, and it uses an Arduino board under the p1. Had to make my own custom parts on a resin printer, and used a few different weird parts from various places to make it work.

Limey said that I can distribute the stl files for the electronics since they're not useful on their own. Send me a PM if you want a zip file and a shopping list. I did the programming in circuit python, so it takes a few seconds to boot up on power-on. I never got around to finding the appropriate libraries in C. Also, the sound files aren't available to me so I used the original stun sound from TOS that the SNW sound is based on.

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