Limited Run SNW Phaser Metal Upgrade Parts Kit

I was not getting quality pulls with my homebrew vacumform table, so I am having a proper one overnighted out and will be making the clear windows for the dial indicators sharpish, slight delay in shipping date but they will start rolling Monday.

Good pulls!
Hi, sorry no. I do a run or two of something and move on, but check out my FB page if you want to stay up to speed with what I'm up to. Black Sea
*le sigh* I don't have Facebook so I missed this. I did get a Communicator set earlier, but totally didn't see this. Will keep an eye out here, I suppose.
That's awesome. Another custom board like the comms? I did mine with the Arduino itsybitsy M0, but I really like your use of toggle switch in the top indicator. Might have to redo that.

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