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I'm actually plugging ahead in my silly project to do Silent Running Patches. I doubt there is much of a market, but its something I always wanted to do, but I'm front the days of not being able to do still frames.

I've slowly been identifying them and getting art. If anyone has ever done any work on this let me know. I'm still trying to figure out where that Saturn patch was sewn.

A really good help was the guess that the stiches on the uniform are 1/4" appart- which allows you to judge size pretty well (I guessed, then looked at the naval flag patches which are generally 2" square- and SURPRISE! they are 8 stitches wide.
I did a lot of searches for stuff like that and never saw it.

I made a guess that they just used a cut section for the original Valley Forge Navy ship tab, but in looking at the stills it seems the curve is way off and that could not be. Ideally I think arun of tabs of all the ships in the fleet would be cool for a wall display, but at this point I am not sure I could afford to do them all just for my own yucks.
I, too, have been interested in restarting this project.
In the 1980s I spent a lot of time looking at the pictures in the Scholastic novelisation and freeze framing the VHS to figure out the patches.
I had the DECIDUOUS FLORA patch made by a professional patch company in Toast, N.C.
I had to order a dozen. I think I still have a spare one somewhere.

I'll post photos and such tomorrow.

I remember seeing Silent Running at a drive-in theater -- one of the old kind, with a clunky speaker that hung from the driver's side window -- with my dad when the film first came out.

I don't guess I'll be able to contribute much in the way of information, but I'll be watching the thread with great interest, and rooting for you! I'd love to see an accurate set of the patches available! :love
I'm up for some work on this one, I am a little obsessed with patches on space suits.

I can do some digitizing and sewing (when I get my machine back from the shop)

That still just answered two questions right off the bat! Good lord, maybe I can actually do this. Now if only someone could ask one of the principals of the film. What's funny is that when I saw it on film/VHS I thoguht the suits were cordaroy. Now I can see they wre just padded with 1/4" stitching- which s really do-able if you feel like it. (actually, are patches considered costumes? I figured so).

I am over my desire for a Flying Hellfish patch (got lots now). So maybe I will actually work on this.

Holy moley! I never knew this! Silent Running was marketed in Italy as 2002: The Second Odyssey!


Same font, and everything. That flips me out, for some reason.
I'm very interested in this project and will be happy to lend time or money to help make this happen. There are 24 patches total and I have located only 4. Here is the list, can anyone help fill in the blanks?

24 Total Patches

Left Arm:
1. Smokey the Bear (found)
2. Cascades
3. Mt. Baden-Powell
4. ???
5. ???

Right Arm:
1. Valley Forge
2. American Flag (found)
3. American Airlines (found)
4. ???
5. ???

1. ???

1. L - Lima signal flag (found)
2. Mt. Rainier 14,410’
3. Sierra Nevada
4. Deciduous Flora
5. Olympics
6. Rockies
7. Circumpolar Flora
8. ???
9. ???
10. Mt. San Gorgonio
11. Coniferous Flowers
12. Riparian Flora
13. Mt. San Antonio “Baldy” 10,064’
Number four on the right arm is Grand Canyon.
Number nine on the chest (triangular with rounded bottom) is Arenaceous Flora.
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Number five right arm looks like Mt. San Jacinto but the evelation looks like 10,127 but the real elevation is 10,833 so this might not be right. Any thoughts?

I've looked at every picture I can find of the back but can't figure it out. someone out there said they thought it was the 1954 Stevenson Conservation Pledge. I found 2 blue ones on eBay but no red. Anyone have any better pics?
I was told that the Nautical Signal patches on the flight suits of the Valley Forge Crew represented the first letter of the last name of each of the crew members. This might be true but if it is Keenan and Wolf have the wrong suits on.
Valley Forge Crew
Andy Wolf (Jesse Vint) K - Kilo Nautical Signal "Desire to Communicate".
John Keenan (Cliff Potts) W - Whiskey Nautical Signal "Require Medical Assistance"

Freeman Lowell (Bruce Dern) L - LimaNautical Signal "Stop Instantly".
Marty Barker (Ron Rifkin) B - Bravo Nautical Signal "Dangerous Cargo"
Does anyone know if John Keenan (Cliff Potts) baseball hat represents anything? Is it a team or a made up something? A white “N” with a white star on each side??? I would like to make this too.

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