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Hi, I just purchased a screen used alien pistol used throughout SG-1. I realized it was just a toy pistol (1985 nintendo zapper) that production took and cut the wire off, shortened the barrel and painted. I've also realized they did this for other pistols as well. I've decided to try and make the other ones, but I can't identify the toys and where to get them. Any help is much appreciated!

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This is the screen used nintendo zapper that I purchased.

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Not sure if this one is production made or production acquired.

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Also not sure if this one is production made or purchased.

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I know both of these are toys. Can't identify them.

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The bottom silver and black one I already found and purchased.


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Not all your links are working but that one with the red gun at the bottom is a Nerf gun. we used them to make the Terra nova pistols.

oops mike beat me to


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Yes Mike, just a $10 nintendo zapper. All they did is cut it, add a thing at the end, remove the wire, paint it, use it on screen, and BOOM! a $150 gun.


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This is the one I bought.

Not sure of this is a toy or production made. It was only used in one episode so kinda think it's a toy.

And this one.

I suspect this one is not a toy.

Top black one.

One of those was purchased by fusenova here on the RPF. You can still probably get a cast from him. It was custom made for the show, and is a beautiful piece. Here's mine painted up to match the production art more closely.



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You can see in this screen shot where the nerf nite finder was used. You can actually see the hole in the back from production removing the pull back spring. I thought they would've filled that in. This was used in various episodes.
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