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Is this the right section? Is a mask a prop or a costume? Has god forsaken us? Whats your favourite scary movie? I have the answers to only one of those questions.
As a long time collector of Scream and Ghostface masks, I've always wanted a proper "The Killer" mask replica to round out my set. I've got the official Fun World ones, but I've never seen a replica that I really liked.

This is the look I really wanted. "Hello Drew" has stuck in my mind since I first saw the movie, so off I went with a big lump of claymate oil based clay.

I don't have a whole lot of work in progress images as I tend to zone out as I start, but I'd roughly scaled the mask in the above image to full size, and stuck it down to my board, this gave me a base shape and proportions to work from, and I built up from there
After 4 or so hours of blocking out, checking reference and using an EU mold mask and a official Smiley mask as visual reference, we had something close to what I wanted.
02.jpg 03.jpg 04.jpg

A quick side-by-side showed that the eyes and the jaw still needed some tweaking. Every single reference photo of this mask looks different, so I had to pick one look and go with that.

If you've stared at the screen used mask as long as I have, you'll notice that the mouth of the mask isn't rubber like the standard Ghostface masks, but is the same fabric as the eye mesh. I've decided to sculpt the mouth solid with the little Funworld breathing hole at the top, so it will visually match the licenced pieces. I may do a mesh one for screen accuracy, but this way I can have either or.

Sculpting finished, and surface smoothed and refined. Next up he sleeps with the Hydrocal fishes.
07.jpg 08.jpg 09.jpg 10.jpg 11.jpg

Time for a splash of that ol' white.


And then the exciting part, I ran a cleaner pull in some spare latex, and got to see how it looked in rubber. This shot next to a busted 2000's smiley I'm whitening and repairing shows the overall scale and size well. I'm super happy with this.


and finally, some shots of my test casts. Working out the dwell time for the thickness I want is important, as I want these to feel as legit as possible.

14.jpg 15.jpg

Next post will hopefully have some painted whites and blacks, and maybe even some hood construction.

An important thing to note is that I'm NOT making these to sell, this is purely a personal project so no blanks or finished masks are gonna leave my workshop.

stay tuned for more!


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Ok, so some progess.

Here's a lovely shot of some curing latex in the hydrocal mould. I found that dwelling it for 2.5 hours was about right for what I needed thickness wise.


Once I'd gotten a cast I was happy with, I shot it with two even coats of White Plasti-dip. This stuff bonds great to latex, protects against UV pretty well and gives a great even cover. Its pricey as **** here in Aus, but sucks to suck I guess. The eyeliner, nose and mouth paint was also done in Plasti-dip but hand brushed. I trimmed some nylon for the eye mesh and stuck it in with e6000.

A test fit in a Fun World robe, looking REALLY good now.

I used some fabric from a halloween Ghostface style costume I've had kicking around in the shop, and sewed up a rough shroud to mimic what the Funworld masks have, complete with tassels, and stitched it to the latex face. Its a bit rough as its only a test, but looked pretty great to me.
23.jpg 24.jpg
and Finally, a shot with a digitally mocked up tag.



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Just a little update, I made a 25th Anniversary style Sparkle hood for one of my doofy casts, i decided to name it the Doofus Deluxe, and I've now got a youtube video showing both these masks off!


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How much for these? I purchased one from an indy artist who makes various replica horror film masks and costumes (no longer makes this mask), and I’d love to have a 2nd version as I felt his facial expression’s varies slightly even with the same mask. Here is what mine looks like. Would love to have a copy of yours!

Also, if anyone has the vintage nacho chips bag he has (has the see through window, I have a pic saved somewhere) or the ‘Killer Lite’ 40oz sticker label (I can buy the full 40oz filled with tea and the label but it’s around $50-60:/)


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and for those with an empty 40oz malt liquor bottle; here’s the ‘St Dies’ from the fridge, and a chip bag as a reference to how his is, which looks to be red and black with a clear window like some of the 1990s bags? Anyone know the exact bag used or if it was custom made for the film like the beer labels?
, the ‘Killer Genuine Draft’ label, and a chip bag

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