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  1. J

    Need help Michael Myers Mask

    I’m looking to refinish this mask so that it looks like the mask from Resurrection. I think I’d just need to add contour and have contemplated using an airbrush to do so. Anyone done this before that could offer advice? This is the one we have now^ just want to refinish it to look closer to...
  2. K

    Green Goblin Mask

    Hi Iam thinking about making a green goblin costume for Halloween and found this latex mask on Amazon I was thinking of using as a base, only problem is I have never worked with latex before and I have no idea how to paint it
  3. A

    Fake hips

    Hello, I want to make myself a lower body “suit” where it makes my hips and thighs larger. I’m very new to prosthetics but I was hoping to be able to make it with silicone? I have no fancy materials at home so does anyone know how I would go about it? I have considered buying a mannequin to use...
  4. N

    Maleficent 2 - Mistress of Evil

    Is anyone working on this costumes? Any ideas? The skin tattoo one looks like latex paint and fabric. The cape one looks like it has some sort of oregami crows on the collar
  5. Nick Anzalone

    Latex Mask Repair?

    Hey experts, I have read through some of the threads on here about repairing rips, or rot in latex masks. My question is, once that's done won't the latex just continue to rot and begin tear in other spots? I have these two original MMFX guys about 10 years and they are finally starting to...
  6. vebo1


    I found this on the web. I hope this could be of some help to others, wondering how to paint our latex mask, suit etc. Any other techniques would be helpful.
  7. Spyroro

    My Predator costume. (Still in progress (Only the mask for now) )

    Hey, So I'm making my predator costume. And the thing is, it's really hard, but I'm trying really, really hard. The material that I use right now is sculpting air dry clay on a styrofoam head, and later on gonna use liquid latex. (Yes, I use the hard way, because where I live everything is...
  8. Cthulhu Costume

    Cthulhu Costume

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