scary movie

  1. Cbstudios

    Scary Movie "The Killer" mask project

    Is this the right section? Is a mask a prop or a costume? Has god forsaken us? Whats your favourite scary movie? I have the answers to only one of those questions. As a long time collector of Scream and Ghostface masks, I've always wanted a proper "The Killer" mask replica to round out my set...
  2. ALF God 69

    Father Death card inserts

    I'm looking for a photo of the card insert used in the scream 1 movie
  3. Guardian Devil

    My latest screen used costume - Scary Movie 4

    I know this wasn't exactly a popular film, but I've got good memories of it. I went with my girlfriend when we first started going out and we must have both been in the mood for a stupid movie 'cause we found it pretty entertaining at the time! Ever since then I wanted something from this film...