1. Batwillz

    Popcorn (1991) ‘Shock Clock’

    Hello all! I am looking to make/ buy or find information on the Shock Clock from the 1991 Film ‘Popcorn.’ If anyone can help that would be amazing as I saw it in the movie and thought it would be sick as a decoriation.
  2. Julianna Maz

    Bela Lugosi's Dracula Greyscale Silicone Bust

    I finally finished my final major project for my degree and got to show him yesterday! He's my first attempt at a likeness sculpture, and includes handmade epoxy eyes, hair punched hairline (about two inches back, and then the rest glued), punched eyebrows and eyelashes, 3d modelled and printed...
  3. Cbstudios

    Scary Movie "The Killer" mask project

    Is this the right section? Is a mask a prop or a costume? Has god forsaken us? Whats your favourite scary movie? I have the answers to only one of those questions. As a long time collector of Scream and Ghostface masks, I've always wanted a proper "The Killer" mask replica to round out my set...
  4. Cbstudios

    Ghostface Accurateish Scream 4 Costume

    Along with Star Wars, the MCU and Ghostbusters, I've been a lifelong fan of Horror and Slasher movies. Being a 90's kid, SCREAM has reigned supreme for many many years. I've collected ghostface masks since the early 2000's, but got fully into it after Scream 4 in 2011 and I've ALWAYS wanted a...
  5. Odin82

    The Unholy (2021) Testament of Fr. Prescott book image inserts

    Saw the movie recently, and having spent so much time over the years searching for that elusive Ninth Gate lobby card image, I recognised the book images from Fr. Prescott's testament book/diary, so thought I'd post them here for anyone that may search for them in the future, and save them time...
  6. Frantikgirl

    "OK, show me..." Christine (1/25 Plymouth Fury) and Darnell's Garage Diorama

    After finishing my Mad Max War Rig last year. I wanted to develop some different modeling skills: glossy paint instead of matte, clean instead of dirty, a detailed diorama, and most importantly, lights. I'd never done lights before. So, I decided to try another car. I'm a big Stephen King fan...
  7. Harada357

    Planet of the Vampires 1965 Movie - Prop Rifle - Build

    I was looking for anyone who built a 'prop Replica of the "Planet of the Vampires" 1965 film - Prop Rifle. I was looking for the most accurate information - It is a ODD Ball piece - but I loved the film. It inspired the Alien film and many others. Very moody - SCI FI horror on a low budget -...
  8. ALF God 69

    Father Death card inserts

    I'm looking for a photo of the card insert used in the scream 1 movie
  9. DarkSculptor

    How much should I sell my Peter Lorre Horror prop head for online?

    I made a prop head of classic Horror actor Peter Lorre a while back but never got a good airbrush paint job on my foam casting. Wondered if it was worth finishing and trying to sell them online and if so, how much I should charge. I'm also slightly worried about his estate coming after me for...
  10. Orion101

    Halloween 5 GROUND-UP SCULPT Michael Myers Sculpture Timelapse Documentary

    HELLO EVERYONE!!! I have loved this community for so long and now I am so excited to finally be sharing something of my OWN! This is my very first post here concerning a PERSONAL PROJECT of mine that has finally come into fruition :D This is a DOCUMENTARY SERIES featuring a Timelapse of me...
  11. DarthXeladier

    Young Frankenstein - Brain Depository Cases

    Young Frankenstein is one of my favorite movies to watch this time of year and I’d like to make a few of the brain displays as Halloween decorations. Making the bases is easy enough, but I need to know what size the glass container is before I can know the rough dimensions for the base and...
  12. Stuman

    Audrey 2 WIP Sculpture

    Hi all, I am a long time member of this forum, but have inactive for a very long time. This is my first thread and would like to hsare a WIP of Audrey 2 from The Little Shop of Horrors. It is nearing completion then will be up for sale. Here are the photos of where it is at. I don't have the...
  13. Teamcerberus

    The Crazies Gas Mask

    I started working on putting together a display of the mask from the 1973 George Romero movie The Crazies. Im pretty sure I got the gas mask right (WW2 era British MK5). However, I totally failed at identifying the canister. Can anyone help me identify the filter being used in the film? Thanks!
  14. CemeteryHaunts

    Judith Myers and Voorhees Tombstones

    Hello everyone! Today is my first post! A little about me...I'm an artist like most of you and I do this full time. I started building custom Tombstones about 10 years ago because I was just so fed up with retail stones for Halloween. I made them for myself and about 8 years ago I started...
  15. Jules

    Harry Warden costume - help wanted

    I have one source I'm going off of for reference right now. I have one of the items I need on the way. I'm getting two or three others tomorrow. The belt is going to be a pain in the butt for me I think. It looks like a workmans but it was custom made for the movie. I'm going to use my own work...
  16. darkartsjfx

    Critters prop (crite)

    Critters Hi everyone new to posting on here but been wanting to for a while ..anyway I finaly got round to making a critter prop it's almost complete I'll keep you guys updated and hopefully I'll have some compleated props halfway through the next week they will be available on eBay if anyone...
  17. JDunn

    Macready’s Scotch Glass- The Thing

    Trying to find the right glass to display next to to my J&B bottle on my ‘The Thing’ shelf. Any whiskey experts recognize the glass? Or know where I could get something similar? It looks to be fairly generic. But most rocks glasses or lowballs I’ve found on Google don’t have the slight curve...
  18. Joker Laugh- Werewolf

    Joker Laugh- Werewolf