latex mask

  1. Cbstudios

    Scary Movie "The Killer" mask project

    Is this the right section? Is a mask a prop or a costume? Has god forsaken us? Whats your favourite scary movie? I have the answers to only one of those questions. As a long time collector of Scream and Ghostface masks, I've always wanted a proper "The Killer" mask replica to round out my set...
  2. Pkulchar

    Hoggle paint

    Hoggle paint, work in progress Using Tim Gore's paint
  3. Kekkuda

    Sealing PAX Paint on a Latex Mask?

    Hey, so I'm short on time and currently my only option to paint a latex mask is to use pax paint. I haven't seen anyone mention how to seal it though, other than to apply cornstarch/baby powder to the outside in a similar fashion to how you would powder the inside after a casting. What I'm...
  4. R

    Mon Calamari

    Some photos of the mask that I make in latex. I hope you like it.