RPFers going to DragonCon, shout out!


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How many RPFers are going to DragonCon? I'm asking because my dad and I are going to be going for three days of the convention. So, if you're going, shout out here. :)
Not this year for me but next year if any RPF member can find me roaming one of the hotels you'll get a free drink on me if you're 21 or older if you're under 21 then it will have to be non-alcoholic.
Going! This is my first DragonCon and I can't wait. I'm going to have my MST3K bots with me. Also, I'm going to have Bruce Boxleitner sign my Tron helmet.
I'm there every year. had a costume planned but it wont be done in time for this years. next year shouldnt be a problem though!

if you've ever run into the dude with the mohawk and a camelpack of everclear/rootbeer, that was me lol
I'm always stoked to hear about dragoncon virgins and also apologetic. its the greatest thing in the world, but I hope you like crowds and waiting 2 hours for an elevator lol
I'm always stoked to hear about dragoncon virgins and also apologetic. its the greatest thing in the world, but I hope you like crowds and waiting 2 hours for an elevator lol

We were kind of shocked by just how huge a con can get when we went to San Diego in 2007. I think that will leave us a little more prepared for this, even if it's more so.
I am kind of disappointed though. We're friends with another couple who are huge cosplay fans, and have even been guests and panelists at anime events. They've gone to DC almost every year since they met. For almost as long, they've been trying to convince us to go. My husband and I always wanted to check it out, so we finally relented, along with another friend. They kept telling us they were going, but hadn't registered yet. We just found out that the couple isn't going, because they "didn't have that much fun last time." Fortunately, we weren't relying on them for a portion of the hotel cost. And two other friends have decided to go too, so it will still be a fun time.
ive never been to sdcc so have no real way to compare them, but id imagine the daytime actual "con stuff" is better at sdcc...but the real appeal of dragoncon is the ~7pm to 7am crazy costume drunk party craziness that is every single night, and not loosely associated at a seperate location, the hotels and the exhibition halls not only dont close down, they set up booze stands, food tables and have all night music in various exhibition halls.
its an experience for sure
I'm seriously considering on making an RPF sticker or button for myself, so that if any other RPFers see me, they'll know it's me and can come up and say "hi" if they want. That's one of things that was difficult about finding RPFers at MegaCon, because I couldn't tell who were RPFers and who were not (especially those in costume, as most RPFers have multiple costumes that they often wear throughout the course of the time of the convention).
I'll be there for my 10th time in the last 12 years and I will hopefully be able to debut my new Ood Sigma costume (mask courtesy of our very own Frosty !) during the Parade on Saturday, if it's not insanely hot. Otherwise, it'll be sometime Saturday night. Also have SG-11 with working ZPM for Friday, and Donnie Darko for Sunday night. See y'all there!
We're still working on the MST3k stuff, but I might also take my Red Tornado stuff if we have room to pack it. Does anyone know if they're doing more of those DC photo shoots or not?
I'm planning to be there. It'll be my first time. I should be wearing the Spider-Man costume I just got from Brad a month or so ago.
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