Suggestion RPF ad would not shut off.


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I was on the Movies and entertainment forum responding to the
Top grossing...thread and the Humera ad started playing loudly. I was on a conf call and I couldn't shut it off, pause it or mute it.
I know ads help pay for the site. Just wanted to make a note in case it becomes and issue for others.

Ridire Firean

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I can't even scroll down any page displaying an ad without it jumping back up to the ad.

Scroll down two rolls of the wheel, jumps back up to the ad.

Scroll down three rolls of the wheel, jumps back up to the ad.

Scroll down as fast as I can with the wheel to get well past the ad, jumps back up to the ad.

It's been going on for two days now, I can't stand it!

I deal with it long enough to read two threads and then I close my browser because my computer fan goes into hyper-blow mode.


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----------------- I am just gonna go premium soon... should have done it years ago anyway. this is my favorite forum. :)
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I don't mind the ads. They pay for this forum. Actually, they are usually for something I was just looking at. (not coincidentally)
It was the inability to mute the sound.

Art Andrews

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The ads shouldn't be doing this, but every now and then a less than honest advertiser will force code into place that they aren't supposed to. If this happens to you, please click the ad that is causing the trouble (I swear, we aren't trying to get you to click ads) and report back to us the URL that you land on so we can block them in our ad service.

matty matt

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I had the scrolling/jumping thing last night with an ad. Super annoying. The funny thing is, I couldn't even tell you what the ad was for. They're like white noise to me now.