Interest Rocketeer Cirrus X3 Desktop display


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Hi, I just thought I'd post up my latest project . I've been building my new X3 rocketpack model . I am going to do a small run of 5-10 desktop sized packs with the stand which I designed. All money raised will go to charity minus the cost of filament and shipping. I've had the absolute pleasure of working with Michael Possert Jr on this project. Mike kindly sent me reference photos and information on the pack. Just for people that don't know, Mike worked on the movie and built the original packs . He's also worked on some amazing movies over the last 30 years since the Rocketeer and is still making amazing props and miniatures for the film industry today. He also grows ridiculously big pumpkins haha. Mike has kindly allowed me to put his name to my project , hopefully this will help raise more money for charity. This is by no means a screen accurate pack but I believe it's the next best thing. The charity is the Hairy cell leukemia foundation .
As some may know this was the form of lukemia that the late great Dave Stevens had.
This is a thread just to gauge interest at the moment. Thanks for looking.


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Michael Possert Jr is an amazing artisan and I’ve had the pleasure of owning one of his pieces. Good luck with the project!


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That is beautiful work, I would be interested. Unfortunately, I can tell just by looking its going to be way outside my price range.
Good luck in your charity raising efforts.

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