Rocketeer: where does the gauntlet wiring go?


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So this is my first post here, sorry if this isn't the right forum for this question, and yes I have done some searching but it rarely seems to come up.

I am diving into a Rocketeer build at the moment and trying to logistically plan everything as I go. Printing up a helmet now and planning a Veepy rocketpack build after that.

However, the one absolute must is that I must be able to push a button on the gaunlet and make some lights and sounds happen. However, I don't seem to be able to find exactly how people are routing the wire to make this happen. I see allusions to a hole on the jacket for the stunt packs used during filming, but haven't seen any pics or details as to how a joe schmoe would do so on a cosplay setup without putting a hole in an expensive jacket.

Would one run the wire down the collar of the jacket? Would you run it out the bottom of the pack and up the jacket to the sleeve? Or are people going full bore and just putting a hole in their jacket, maybe even adding a metal grommet?

Any input is appreciated, thanks!
You could pop a couple stitches on the back of the sleeve seam to make a hole for wires. Be sure to reinforce the stitching above and below so no more stitches come undone. Depending on wire gauge, stitch spacing, and thread strength you may even be able to thread the wire between the existing stitches. If you don't want to modify the jacket so it is available for everyday wear, bottom of the pack and up the back of the jacket to the sleeve sounds like would probably be hidden (and less irritating than across the neck). You could always route the wires inside some brown shoelace to help hide them.
I ran wires from the gauntlet up the jacket sleeve to my shoulders, them down my back,with a short loop to connectors on the back coming out between the 2 flap pistons. There's a tiny bit of exposed wire if you look closely, but mostly the wires go begind the flaps and then up the jacket waist.

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