Rocketeer fans - new book on the making of the original helmets and packs

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My friend Mike has finally finished a book project that has been gestating for about 20 years now. Just yesterday it went live for orders:

The Rocket Factory

This is a print-on-demand service, and they say "Please allow 5 business days for us to print your book and then ship it out to you."

Also, FYI - the BookBaby website appears to be intermittently displaying a bit of buggy behavior. Unfortunately this is out of Mike's control. Apparently there were a couple reports that people trying to use PayPal for payment had resulted in failed orders. But when they re-tried their orders they were successful. When I placed an order for a hardcover copy and went to check out, I noticed that the price was different and then realized that it had been changed to the softcover. I had to backtrack and double click on the hardcover button (and then remove the softcover from the cart). Not everyone has encountered a problem, but it's just something to be aware of.

Anyway, about the book:

In 1990, Disney filmed The Rocketeer, a movie from the comic book of the same name by Dave Stevens. A small crew from a modest company was tapped to make the Rocketeer's helmet and rocket pack on a very short deadline. The journey of those props, going from comic book design to the big screen, has never been explored. Shown for the first time is the fast-paced race to get the props finished, for director Joe Johnston, in time to shoot the movie. With over 300 photos and images, The Rocket Factory: The Making of The Rocketeer's Helmet and Rocket Pack explains all the numerous iterations, tests and prototypes that went into the making of the iconic helmet and rocket pack. Prop maker Michael Possert Jr. takes you behind the scenes with the fabricators and designers responsible for bringing the Rocketeer character to life.

"Whether you are a die hard finhead or not, you will find this history of the making of Disney's Rocketeer helmet and rocket pack fascinating. Possert gives great detail on all aspects of fabrication down to paint, materials and the old aerospace surplus yards he visited. I found myself cheering for the Design Setters team when they finally fabricated a rocket pack that passed Joe Johnston's sniff test and that would translate well onto the silver screen. Reading about the blood, sweat, tears, sleepless nights and pure love that went into these iconic props makes the heart swell. Bravo, Michael and team!" -Jennifer Stevens Bawcum - The Rocketeer Trust

Also, Mike will be at WonderFest next weekend to premiere the book (with copies for sale) and to give a talk:

WonderFest USA – A weekend of hobby fun!
FINALLY o_Oo_O:love::love:(y)(y):cool::cool: I've always dreamed that, someone, one day would publish behind-the-scene photos of the making of the props and sets of that wonderful movie! Glad to see that a book is doing just that, albeit, with the jet pack/helmet construction.
Will buy it for sure!!
Well, UPS took their sweet time getting it to me, but I have finally received my copy as well.

As has already been said, it truly is a remarkable achievement. Amazing photos, including some that haven't ever been seen... until now.

If you're a fan, do yourself a favor - get a copy!

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