My Rocketeer Build Progress

Gotcha. My bad. I guess they’re both really low res. I actually ended up loading the booster engine into ZBrush, and added a cast metal texture to the main rings and detail inside, and resin printed it.
Do you mind sharing what brush or alpha you used for the cast iron texture?
Man I’m the worst! I have put this thing off for way too long and yesterday I finally took baby out of the corner and started rough assembly using super/hot glue just to get the pieces together. I plan to do a fiberglass cloth reinforcement on the inside and then a UV resin on the exterior before I start smoothing things out. I still have a couple more parts to print out too.

Does anyone have a lead on these piston shock strut things that are supposed to control the flaps? I tried searching the forum and I wasn’t getting any results.
Hey man just chiming in, but I was going to use ball joint rod ends, same that the veepy pack is using and they are fairly cheap and can be found at home depot or amazon. There was another thread for veepy pack builders that demonstrated the build of the rod. hope this helps
I applied some resin and fiberglass cloth to the inside of the tanks to reinforce the seams and used Bondo spot glaze putty for the outside seams. I then gave it a sanding. I’m thinking about using E6000 to attach the tanks to this middle piece but I’m not sure if there is a better way to do this. Perhaps E6000 initially follow by more resin and fiberglass cloth to reinforce.


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