Revell AT-AT upgrades WIP

For my most recent ones I've been using the drywall stuff. Same technique really. It can be tricky but stick with it, it is looking great! Precision Ice was something I was looking at, it looks like great stuff.
I used the lightweight stuff on my at-at scene, looked awesome.
I also used it for the snow accents on the actual at-at , it stuck really well and clumped up in corners perfectly.
I say give it a go, it's cheap and I really think you will like the results.
For my AT-AT I made a special snow blend and it dried really well, I'll get some photos for you ASAP
It was (in varying amounts of no precision whatsoever)

-Gloss varnish
-White paint
-Baby powder

The water in it allows the whole gunky mixture to sag and spread like real snow, but evaporates to leave a slightly shiny powder-like snow
So how 'bout those pics Haystack? ;)

I haven't done much on this, was waiting for my Precision Snow Effects delivery. It did finally come in. Very nice kit, though pricey (about $50 with shipping to the US, with more snow than I know what to do with). Overall I'm not super impressed with the product, it looks and acts a lot like cornstarch to me, and I can't see any of the sparkle effect they advertise. It's good, but not a silver bullet. Part of the issue is that dispensing it through the supplied sieve/sifter results in little piles that don't look right at this scale. I may or may not end up using it.

I'm also doing some experimenting with the lightweight spackle christrom and danikin72 used, it's pretty promising. I'll probably go that route, perhaps with the Precision product over it for some added detail.

I did however get the little snow speeder painted up last night. A fun little project, looks pretty cool I think. I'll break off and re-position the right gun barrel when I add it to the dio.

IMG_3045.JPG IMG_3046.JPG IMG_3047.JPG
IMG_3048.JPG IMG_3049.JPG

I'd really like to finish this thing up soon, so I hope I get the snow sorted. So many other boxes of plastic are calling to me! ;)
Hey folks. I have the snow pretty much done but no pics to show yet. I just need to finish snow displacement around the feet and snowspeeder and I'll get some photos up.

While waiting for the snow to dry I decided to try my hand at making a little Luke figure for the diorama, having seen some cool ones other people made. So I converted an old 1/72 army guy I had laying around. Lopped off the pilot head from the Snowspeeder kit, gave him some different arms, a lightsaber, and some flightsuit straps made from strip styrene. I think it came out pretty nice! The first pic is a comparison with the original figure. He's so tiny! I think I need glasses...

IMG_3197.JPG IMG_3199.JPG IMG_3200.JPG
So I actually finished this diorama some months back, but only somewhat recently managed to snap some decent pictures. I need to re-shoot these with a larger backdrop, it's hard to get decent angles without enough background! But I'm really happy with the way everything turned out, thanks for all the help with the snow effects!


The rest of the pictures are at if you'd like to check them out!
Absolutely stupendous Pedro! Well done. I have to agree with blakeh1, you've done a superb job with the snow. :D :thumbsup
Thank you sirs! I was really nervous about doing the snow but delighted when the light weight spackle turned out so well. Incidentally Wayne, your build is looking amazing, way over the top as compared to what I did. :)
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