Revell AT-AT upgrades WIP

I used the sam thing Chris did..not sure if its the same brand, but mine did have some crystally sparkle to it.
The weathering is A+; love the different shades (the combination is really looking even in terms of overall effect):cool
The filler I use is quite chalky, and as TCSloan said, it does have some sparkle when it dries. Pretty sure you'll be able to get it from any hardware store. Just look for white interior filler. Just noticed all my pics are gone... damn. You should be able to view them on my facebook page - 'christrom'. I really love what you are doing here, make me want to get on with my revell!
Thanks! I'll check out your FB page christrom. So, the snow, it's a plaster base (that one would mix with water to make a wall putty, or Mud as we would call it in the US)?
Bloody amazing Pedro!! Your paint/texturing job is superb. :thumbsup I especially like what you did with the panels.

Hey, have you seen how Steve Neill did his 'chipped paint' effect? It was in one of his video where he was painting a SS X-wing. I believe he used hair spray that was applied to the model and then painted over it. Afterwards, he used a solvent?? to wipe it off, leaving the underlying paint to show thru. It looked pretty realistic.
Haven't seen that particular video, but I've seen a variety of hairspray weathering techniques, some using salt or the like as well. I haven't tried it yet, one day I'll give it a go. Every time I see a can if hairspray I just can't stop myself from doing up my hair 80s metal style! ;)
Howdy folks. Not much to update here, I haven't had a lot of time to work on this. I did a little bit more painting, mostly adding chipped paint in a lighter color in small amounts over the whole model. Subtle addition, but it does help the overall look I think.


Also doing some planning on the diorama layout...hardest part here is that the thing is so big, in order to get a comfortable distance between it and a crashed speeder the base has to be huge! In the pic below it's like 16x18" and still seems tight to me. What do you guys think?

I was also amused by a tidbit I discovered when shamefully starting another model before finishing this. I'm going to do a quick (hopefully) build of the old Monogram Cylon Raider, and when I was looking over the parts I found this greeblie, which is all over the model. It's the same nurnieI had to scratchbuild for the AT-AT legs, in almost the same scale! It's funny because I had a hard time finding good closeups of this greeble, which turns out to have been right there on this Monogram kit all along. ;) Anyone know what kit the original part is from?

I think that is a great composition, better for it being on an angle. If it helps, here is my ertl AT-AT (sold the other two of the diorama) in its current form. I think your composition is stronger though. It is not very easy to have something so tall and short in the same box!
Thanks for the input! I do quite like yours. It has a bit of the same problem...seems like the AT-AT should be lifting it's leg to smash the speeder at that distance..or at least looking down at it! ;) I found this one which is very similar but somehow pulls it off, perhaps because of the leg position.
I'm trying to avoid lifting the foot since I don't have a sole built.
Yeah, I've seen that one before, it does a much better job. Don't worry about the sole - cover it in snow! That's what I did on one of mine.
My very first MPC AT-AT looks so bare now without a weathered paintjob and the necessary skills and parts to finish it properly :$

New to the site and trying to catch up.

Really liking this build and will have to go through some of the others here.

I have the kit. Bought the resin head for it and not too happy with it. Was a bad casting with the entire back panel needing to be redone along with some other parts. Plus the thing is solid resin so putting it on the kit would just make it take a header (pun intended). Will try hollowing it out first and see if it is usable.
Thanks Philip. Depending on your level of skill And commitment, I've seen people get away with just adding the armor panels at the back of the head and end up with results that look good. The more I look at various builds the more I realize that it's the painting that really make the AT-AT.
I found the AT-AT leg/Cylon Raider greeblie! I was watching a video of Adam Savage talking about working on models at ILM and he mentioned the "universal greeblie", which as described sounded like the part. So a quick google search and the RPF members of course know what it is. Finally I can sleep at night! :)
New to the RPF and finding this thread is a perfect reason of why I joined.
I also have this Revell kit and plan on doing many of the same mods. Your work is proof and inspiration that it can be done.
I've been a little stuck working on the base. It was rolling along nicely until I tried to make it snow. :)

First, I built a basic base out of some wood I had laying around and molding from the local Despot. I elected to build the initial landscape out of plaster, which worked very nicely. First I laid down a basic later, then after that cured added a couple AT-AT footprints and a crash spot for the speeder. I also added a partially buried lava rock from the yard, I like the look of the dark stones poking up through the snow (a little dark paint on the plaster around it to spread the darkness, which will be mostly covered by snow). Looking good surprisingly easily!

IMG_2926.JPG IMG_2927.JPG

Here's what it looks like with the mostly built AT-AT and as yet unpainted speeder in place.
IMG_2931.JPG IMG_2932.JPG IMG_2933.JPG IMG_2935.JPG

So here's the problem. I've tried everything for snow - baking soda, corn starch, plaster, Woodland Scenics snow, etc. I didn't like the look of any of it. Baking Soda is probably the best looking, but I'm avoiding it because of yellowing and the causticity which has been discussed elsewhere. Woodand Scenics would be good for a much larger scale, but the flakes are way too big for this scale. I ended up ordering some Precision Ice/Snow which is pricey but promises to be excellent. Still waiting for it, keep 'em crossed that it works out. I'm open to other suggestions as well. Once that's sorted I'll be able to finish this up!
Wow, that looks pretty damn good! I thought we were about to fall out of the window for a minute there. ;) Anyway, I thought you were using regular drywall filler, not the lightweight stuff. I didn't have any luck with mine so have been looking at powders. I'll definitely give this a go. Thanks!
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