The AT-ATs canon interior doesn't fit the exterior. How would re-design the interior to solve it?


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A simple solution would be to just lower the floor of course, the way it is in the picture below, but I love the way the floor is so high up inside the body and the interesting details the bottom reveals about the inside. If anyone else wanna go geeky about this with me I'd love to hear your thoughts. :)

This is the canon interior:
Here's a rendering that was made by someone following the models from ESB very carefully:

As you can see the floor is very high up in the body and the various things on the underside takes up a lot of space below it.

Here's a better picture of the underside. It's interesting how the original design makes it seem like a long round corridor goes all the way from the neck and through the entire the body of the beast, with perhaps the square part in the middle being some kind of engine room, as it's connected to the legs.
The only actual interiors seen are the cockpit in ESB and through the side hatch in RotJ.

Cutaways are just made up.
They usually try to cram in sets that are to large to actually fit in the space or shape of a model.

No two ever match, just look at how many Falcon interiors there are.

There are several AT-AT interiors out there in both "official" and un-official publications.
Non of them match.
It's similar to any physical studio sets vs models. Discussion abound around that topic here on the RPF. The list is way to long to display.
It's just that you'll have to find ways to cram and transform a model to make it as close as possible from the exploding view.
Good luck; you'll need it;)(y)
Sounds like you're using "canon" at the type 6 level, where most folks on the RPF tend to stick either to level 2 or to levels 4 or 5. ;)


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