1. SirSandalot

    I painted the Revell 1/29 scale X-Wing (PIC HEAVY)

    Well, the title says it all... but first... Modifications/corrections: 1. Stock R2-D2 was too tall, I fixed that, he did not like it. Beep beep weeeebipibipiwoowoo, he said. I agreed. 2. The pilot was sitting too deep in the cockpit, looked like a little kid. Just made him a pillow with putty...
  2. Pcoz

    Revell SnapTite X-Wing 2 Day Build

    Hey guys, it's been a while since I've posted. Here is a quick build of a Revell X-Wing I literally just finished. The only mods I did with this model is added the tubes on the sides and a few greeblies in the cockpit. Pcoz
  3. darthvader073

    Zvezda/Revell ISD + 3D Printable Greeblies

    Hi everyone! After some two years of owning it, I finally managed to find time to tackle down this modelling project. One of the reasons is a planned home theater that I will make this summer, and it will need a couple of nice looking models to populate it :p My end goal is to make this Avenger...
  4. ScottSix8

    Hasbro Hero 28" Millennium Falcon mod

    I have started a huge photo project that requires a few ships. I have chosen to use practical ships because I had the Hasbro Falcon in the garage. I bought an upgrade details kit for that and can't wait to start the paint process on it as well as the rest of the ships!! I ordered the Revell 60cm...
  5. ChancellorsHand

    Republic Star Destroyer Venator Class 1/2256 Revell

    My Venator got a repaint from a friend on Instagram! He paints miniatures for the Star Wars Miniatures and did a fantastic job renovating the hangar bay and making a plan and dream come together, now my favorite cruiser has all my favorite ships, carrying the LAAT/i, Arc 170s, V-Wings, Z-95s...
  6. ChancellorsHand

    Republic Fleet 1/2256 Scale Venator, Acclamator, frigates and fighters

    I know I’ve been AFK for a while. School and work are killing me! But here is my complete fleet, two Venator-class cruisers, 1-Acclamator-class, 1-Pelta-class frigate, 1-Arquitens-class cruiser, 1-Republic Attack Frigate, 1-Consular-class AA frigate, and a myriad of y-wings, republic gunships...
  7. COlson

    Revell 1/48 scale Tie Fighter

    This is my completed Tie Fighter model build from Revell / Fine Molds. I added photo etch to the interior walls for lighting and some photo etch details to the exterior of the ship to present a more accurate representation. I also lit the engines and have a button on my base to make the lasers...