Requesting Help with Material Choice


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Here is the character, in various poses. The piece that is causing consternation is the arm, from the hand to just above the elbow:

142690-18252-shriek.jpg Shriek_rampage.jpg Failed_attempt.jpg BEYONDbiosShreik.jpg
Shriek_Model_Sheet_I_by_Nes44Nes.jpg tumblr_n7ebxu5adX1tc2libo6_400.jpg

I fully acknowledge that this is an animated source, therefore physics and materials can be blended. I am looking for the best option to capture the source material's shape, appearance, and mobility.

I would like the entire interior to be hollow. I was also considering doing just a half shell, with the bottom (the black) being spandex to help with ventilation. I will probably end up cutting it off just below the elbow, and making the elbow joint a separate piece, but first I wanted to pick your brains.

-Foam: I think it would be too rigid, not to mention a pain in the butt to shape with all the curves. Am I wrong?
-Cast Rubber: I think this would be too floppy, but I've only ever owned one piece in rubber. Would a higher shore rubber retain/regain neutral shape (e.g. pic #5) while still allowing enough flexibility for movement?
-Rigid materials (sintra, Worbla, cast resin, etc.): As with the foam, I think the complex curves would be an issue.
-Fabric: I was thinking of Spandex stretched over a foam skeleton, but I don't know how long that would last with such an extreme stretch.

Are there any materials I'm missing that you all can suggest investigating? Or is there a material above that I am just looking at incorrectly?


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Eva foam seems like it would be the ticket. You can easily heat shape it and use hot glue to make a hollow tube like piece. If poeple can make breast plates with it, no curve can be more complex and difficult to accurate deal with, right? This option would also be light and can be sanded to have a similar finish to the pic... batman beyond right? Fun show if I remember.


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Thanks novacat. That's the option towards which I am leaning as well, but I figured I would see if anyone else had suggestions before moving ahead.

Now I just need to find some that is big enough. Amazon has been out of L200 rolls for a while!.
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