Remove Contact Cement residue help


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I am using contact cement on my R2D2 to attach the skin to my tape-ease cylinder body. My problem is now that I have gotten contact cement on the surface of the body and don't know how to remove the glue residue without damaging the flimsy styrene plastic skin with harsh chemicals.

Anyone have this problem and Know how to rectify it?


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Originally posted by ElmoandBloodyShow@Jan 2 2006, 10:53 PM
interesting idea, I'll have to try it. I will have to be careful then.

Lacquer thinner will cut most contact cements, but I don't know how it will be with the styrene, DOUBLE check and test first before going this route.


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laquar thinner and maybe paint thinner where my fist ideas. I will have to go to the store and pick some up today. But yes I definatly will test it on some extra parts first.


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I tried goof off and it kinda smeared the cement, and took off the a thin layer of plastic. I then tried paint thinner and it worked great, took it right off with some scrubbing causing no damage to the plastic.


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No, No, No, just go to any reputable art supply store and tell them you need a contact cement remover. I've got several erasers for contact cement in my supply box at all times, hehee you never know when you might need one....
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