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I've been thinking of opening an Ark of the Covenant builders group for some time now. I've had a couple other members ask me the same since I'm such a big fan of Raiders of the Lost Ark. My initial thought on this is that there have been a handful of Ark's made and none of them have been close enough to what we see on screen that I've passed interest on them. Nothing at all against those who made them as they were the best anyone could do with the recources available at that time, but they were just not 100%.

Last year the original stunt Ark was here in Chicago and I was able to document the Ark from every available angle on film and on video. Measurements were also taken (against the glass) and were triple checked by myself and a couple other members as best as possible. Some members contacted me to compare notes and ask questions and the possibility of an Ark builders group came into play.

Since June of 1981 I've always dreamed of having this prop. Since joining the RPF many moons ago I am still very much in awe of the talent that makes this board come alive. I know that there are many here who can make this fantasy a reality but of course, it'll take some time, effort, money, skill, honesty and dedication. So, I'm looking to get a core group of people together who have a similar interest in this prop and to finally see this done the right way. People who have a natural love of this film and of this prop.

I know this will be a long road as most everyone has jobs and families outside of just wanting to chill, but I know that with patience and dedication we can see this through to the end. I'm sure there is more than enought source material out there and I know we have the talent. All we need is the commitment. So, I'm looking for anyone who has interest and thinks they have anything to offer. We can use a variety of people but will ultimately need those who can sculpt, work in wood, fabrics, embroidery and people who know about gold plating/leafing. Of course, anyone who already has the cherubs will be of great help too. Also very important is if anyone has any other source materital to share or can get ahold of some in any way. :thumbsup Any and all people who wish to contribute in some way will be accepted and greatly appreciated.

What I WOULD NOT WANT out of this group is the thought of profitablility from the project. I simply want to put a core group of people together so we can all get the prop we've always wanted and NOT just hit ebay soon after getting it done for some quick cash. We'd be doing this for the core group and the core group alone.
I'd hate to see individuals join JUST to get information for their own projects so they can take them to ebay and make some quick cash, although I suppose that's just a part of what goes on sometimes and can't be stopped. Still, it'd really piss me off it that were the case. This would be for serious individuals, not for those who just wanna join to see all the pics or chat about the Ark. This would be a group for work, but fun work. :love I know for the most part this board is full of honest, hardworking people who care about what they do and of course, their props so I'm really hoping this can become a reality.

So, who has any interest and what can you contribute to this group if it flies?


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I think it's a great idea, but like you said
you can be sure your info and replicas made will
show up on ebay,

the trick is how to get people
join an not sell the info or an Ark:)

the problem starts when moulds are made for
certain parts and the selling starts.

the Ark is still on my to do list, I'll be honest and
say that I don't have the space to put it, but want
to build one for the fun of it,
so I'll prob sell mine after it is finished.

I am a modelmaker and I would like to help
if I can, pm me for the help I can offer ;)

you can look at the R2Builders group, they have all the info
freely available for everyone who joins, but not a lot ends
up on ebay (surprisingly :D )



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This is a great idea... I also have been thinking about the Ark
as a prop replica in my room :thumbsup
I think making this is really
I sculpt myself and would love
making a sidepanel. I think I can do that.

Are there any original cast Cherubs outthere?

Keep this threat going.

Greetings from the Netherlands,


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The unopened version right...... bosses do terrrrrible things if we open it....terrrrrrrible things.

yeah Id love to make this....I have a metal, wood, fiberglass, sculpting and love shop. :D


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Yes, there are plenty of cherubs out there. The most popular cast item from the Ark and easiest to display.


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Check this guy out--Im not sure if he is a member but I think he has the talen and the connections for what is needed.
Count me in for whatever.

You can see what I can offer at AMT

Get it going.....


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This is a great idea. I've been looking at everything/anything posted regarding the Ark, and there has not been much. A builders group can be a perfect place for all of us to share what info/skills we have.

Xeno brings up the R2 Builders Group as a model. I've found this group to be extremely helpful in building an astromech replica, a project that would have been a real challenge without the group.

I have a great deal of experience in modelmaking, woodworking, sculpting, etc. and will be happy to get very involved.

Oh, hello Bas. Nice to see you here. I guess I owe you an email and some photos. Been having some trouble with my digital camera, but those problems have been worked out...

Anyway, count me in. I would like to be very active with this project.

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I'd like to be involved also. While not as experienced or talented as some of the people here, I've managed to mold, cast, and assemble a few things from scratch. (To include props and a droid or two) :D



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I'm in, too. It's actually the one prop my wife has asked for.

A friend of mine found some fabric that pretty much matches the stuff on the carrying poles - will start making emails. I have 4 Cherubs - two from 1st gen molds (sharp, but the bases aren't really the best) and two where I am taking the best one and reworking the face/boobs to make it prettier and even. I think these came from AIM originally? I got them from a member at an EC prop party.

We probably have access to a laser cutter - don't want to volunteer his services, but that might come in handy for the fluer-de-lis "gallery railing"...


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Thanks for the replies everybody. I've done a little research into some of you and I'm impressed with the work I see as well as the resumes. While some of us are way more talented than others in certain areas, we'll still need commited people to source materials, etc. and also put up some funds if necessary. I know it's better to have more than a few minds at work and the people here have proved themselves to be a very talented group of individuals. I'll give what I have and will certainly listen to any feedback and to whatever anyone has to offer. I always welcome any and all discussion. After all, in the end, we'll all get what we want if we all work together. I believe that we can nail this thing, inside and out. The whole thing overall does not appear too difficult, just a little time consuming.


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I know the groups should be open to anyone but I honestly think to avoid some problems, anyone that wants to sign up should pass some criteria. They whould be a member of both the RPF and COW as an example, and have a certain number os posts. That way, we know who the person is etc.

Regarding the ark, I was at the museum exhibit last year as well. With a little bit of ingenuity, I was actually able to take the measurements off the actual ark :love . No glass between it and the ruler. I've got the measurements and photos at home so I can't get to them right now since I'm at school. I've already turned the top piece of the leg and it is 100% on. I think it'd be great if we had some people that could sculpt. I'm able to make technical items (such as turning pieces, making the cabinet) but when it comes to artistic items, i'm stuck.


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You know im in.
I built this Ark, but have been wanting to redo it and fix some accuracy issues



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Wow. That looks sharp.

I would be interested in a builder group. Unfortunately, I wont have the space to properly display on for at least 5 years.

Plus, I would want to try and build as much as possible myself - to keep the costs down.
But, I'd certainly be up for measurement to store away until then.



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Originally posted by TFrosst@Feb 28 2006, 03:08 AM
I know the groups should be open to anyone but I honestly think to avoid some problems, anyone that wants to sign up should pass some criteria.  They whould be a member of both the RPF and COW as an example, .... 

I'm definately interested as well.