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Hey friends,

Question: Has anyone here printed up a 3D version of the Ark of the Covenant from Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark?

If so, I would love to hear details and see your photos!

I want to have an Ark 3D printed by someone. I really wanna get one printed in 1/4 scale. But I figured I would ask for advice and guidance here first!

Any advice? Any suggestions?

Thank you!

~Pastor Chuck


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I'm not sure that model from TurboSquid will serve for 3D printing, as it appears to use flat images for texture mapping.
It could possibly be made into a watertight STL but that's the chance you take. Even if there is an STL, that doesn't guarantee that it's printable.

Also, never look at renders when purchasing 3d models. The rendering engine takes chunky and facetted parts and smooths them out, so they look pristine. Look at the wireframes because that can give you a good representation of the resolution of the file (most times). There is some software that gives you a mesh that looks simple (squares), but when converted into triangles it makes it look too busy and it is difficult to tell the shape of the object.

This article gives you an idea of higher polygon models.


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