Question - Where Did You Get Your Board Name From?

swift kinfe

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Quote from one of Julie Strains movies (How to make a monster)

"You wanna see the Big Guns? Well its gonna cost ya"

Stupid movie but I love Ms. Julie!

Tyler mane was awsome in that and your right stupid movie but it did have stan winston involved with it right.

As for me I liked the game predator concrete jungle so much.I constantly played the level where you have to kill the 3 brainwashed hunters.

Stone heart(Something tells me he might be gay?)
Long spear(Never carried a spear my guess was he is black?)
Swift knife(Just punched me when I got to close)

And that's how it happened I always regardless of difficulty killed swift first!I'm not the strongest but I may be one of the fastest.Oh and if anyone can get a pic from the game for me that would be appreciated.


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I was a big Star Wars fan before George Lucas went mental and Ass-Raped the Prequels....I feel sick when i watch them now....

Anyhoo i got my name from being an obsessive Darth Vader fan...All of my Birthdays when i was a kid i insisted on dressing up like Darth my friends started calling me lord Derek...which wasnt very star wars

So i decided LordDerak sounded a bit more exotic....Funny when i started University and one of my Professors asked for my email address....its uh am..uh lordderak proffessor... lol he just lughed at me..its all good


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Well the lads from work all call me predator666 cause it's a combination of my fascination of predator and 666 as it's my ID number.
The Pain is from when I played Rugby and everyone said here comes the pain so I brought The Pain and later got it tattooed on my back.
So now I use it as my e-mail address.
So there you have it Predator666ThePain666 o_O


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Gatoulas (spelled: gàtoolas) is a Greek slang word meaning a big, mean and rather cool alley cat (bad to the bone but really, really amicable like a damn cat :popcorn: o_O ). It's the nickname my companions in the university gave me many years ago. This same nick is maintained by my acquaintances and friends till today.


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I have used Strigoi for a while. I originally heard the story of a Strigoi from my grandmother when I was really young and Me being half Romanian and Loving all things horror I started using the name in just about everything I can. If your interested here is what a Strigoi is.


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Been mikala since I started using the net. If you see the nick on a forum it's most likely me.
I got it from combining the first 2 letters of my first 3 kids first names.


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Axis struck me as a really cool word and I was going through a halo sort of phase so 117 translated to 177, being that 7 is my favorite number. Thus, axis177, which has stuck with me, and it's generally available in most multiplayer games. If you ever see anyone on anything named axis177, that's almost always me, so hit me up, especially on xbox live, most apps by storm8 on the iPod, and... Anything else...


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Tuath is gaelic(Irish) for Tribe or people. its a name i've always used. In ancient times Ireland was a place full of tribes and clans,warring and fueding with each other but also they came together when the need would arise.

I also use a name Tua Cathach again Gaelic it means battle axe... Mods actually is it possible for a name change.. i would like to change to Tua Cathach


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mines just a nick name thats stuck with me for 24yrs,there called me jasp coz i'm always playing jokes and having a laff winding people up like jaspa carrot the comedian...


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I have my nickname also for a long time, when i was 16 (i think) i saw a video on youtube or somewhere else. In this video they took an old black/White interview with Bruce Lee and give it new sounds and voices, it was so funny when he kicked someone and shouted everytime "Bam" so i took it and now on the most boards, Games and in the 501st my boardname is Bam o_O


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Mine is my initials. Only thought i'd be dropping in for a Bio then be on my way... how wrong was i?
So poor now... :)


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Anyone want to take a guess at mine, lol.

Like TDJC I was just planning on dropping in, getting a few pointers here and there and that was it so I wasn't worried about a name, but that wasn't to be lol.
I'm notoriously bad at picking screen names though my DeviantART name is RandoM-CommentarY YUCK!


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Used to play metal gear solid all the time :) thought solid snake was the bomb.

so snake :) the numbers dont really mean anything..
Been using it sinds 2001, still going strong :)


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From a Belgian comic, Kid Paddle
It's about a young kid who's addicted to video games and their monsters. One of the arcade machines in it was called Skullsplitter 3000. When my best friend took the nick I wanted before (Slaine) I had the chance to (he had internet years before me), I decided to pick the skullsplitter one for various reasons.


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Hanoverian is a breed of horse called a warmblood, it's my favorite breed!
They jump

and do dressage

Both the name and the disciplines have nothing to do with the Yautja, but it's a unique name!
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