Question on Predator Fan Film and Copyrights Problem

Hisham ArtwaR

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Hi everyone.

I'm planning to shoot a Predator fan film on April, and by May or June, the film will be released. Shane Black's Predator will be coming out on August. Looking at Adi Sharma's 'gore' Power Rangers fan film that is blocked by Saban because it conflicted with new 2017 Power Rangers, will my film ran into trouble with 20th Century Fox(copyright holder of Predator?)?
Did anyone here, who has experience in making Predator fan film, ran into troubles with Predator's copyright holder?

Thanks in advance.
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Hisham ArtwaR greetings !

I heard FOX wanted to do something with the fan films and our Predatorium a good way of course. The best I would say is to ask "Art Andrews" the head manager of our PREDATORIUM community or "Wreav" which is pretty cool as well . Or go directly on 20 century FOX website and do your best to contact them...20th Century Fox
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