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  • Welcome to the lair hun. Nothing wrong with a girl liking Predators it has taken over from Furries on Deviantart. I found this video you might like. Predator Love
    Had a look on your site some very good stuff on there, are you looking to add costume design to your resume?
    Please check out my li
    Ok, you are in love with Preds... but as I recognise, in horses too! Very nice Artwork on your website. Your Nick is also from a horserace? We have "Hannoveraner" here in germany too. Very big horses... and awesome!
    Welcome to the lair... ;-)
    Hay, whats up and welcome. Cool web site and its allways good to see new talent on the lair.
    Sup nice pics your a hot one haha nice pics your a talented girl from the look of it. I hope you find some predator to settled down with haha good luck. Welcome to the Lair drop by in live chat once in a while its a fun time haha.
    Cool pics and really cool website you have.....great artwork.Its always nice to meet someone who has skill in something they have a passion for. All around......seems like you have a talent..welcome to the lair.
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What can I say, I'm in love with predators! I have been since I was young, back when I first saw the movie. I also ride horses and am currently going to medical school.

Horse riding, predators... medical school
Sep 30, 1983 (Age: 40)