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  • Hey Bryan,
    First off, I hope all is well with you, and your family. I have been away from the Lair for some time. I have been doing other costumes, and been busy with stuff. Sorry for not staying in touch, but I am now finally on facebook. So, I am going to make a full AVP set of Chopper armor for someone, and I am going to make a full Big Red for myself. Do you have any detailed pix of them you could post?
    what's up buddy! justs topping by to say hello. never get tired of your suits and bio collection.
    let's open a bio art gallery LOL
    Well done on your new P2 Bryan, it's without a doubt the best p2 yet. & probably one of my personal favorites.
    Ur P2 is gonna pwn Bryan i can't wait to see it come together.
    Best of Luck on it!
    truly the most epic wolf predator ive ever seen i really want to make one but a newbie on messing with latex
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