Question - Where Did You Get Your Board Name From?


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I asked this question a while back on the old ezboards, and since that is no longer around I wanted to ask the question again - how did you come up with your board name?

For myself my board name has two meanings. First: I started off collecting anything and everything Predator related. I was a hunter of Predator stuff. Second: I love the idea of a rogue Predator that hunts and kills other Predators like in the comic Bad Blood.

Ok - thats how I chose my name - what the rest of you guys and gals?


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I was going to call myself predator_1 when i first started on the prop boards...but it sounded so obvious....

i was big into the resin kit building before all this suit building started and i was always on the hunt for good ones...thus the name..KIT-Hunter.



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Mines from a gaming background when i used to play alot of Unreal Tournament ( original game ) wanted something cool , and at the time i was reading a Robert E Howard book called "CONAN THE USURPER" so i looked up the definition of Usurper, and liked what i found,

" The Overthrower, to usurp, to take control"

thought it was cool at the time hehe.


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Quote from one of Julie Strains movies (How to make a monster)

"You wanna see the Big Guns? Well its gonna cost ya"

Stupid movie but I love Ms. Julie!


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Manowar's been my gamer name for years... Has a variety of meanings:
A warring personality
A 15'th century battleship
or... man, no war


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Well, I play scenario paintball as well! My team mates dubbed me Paintninja after tagging so many of them, never saw it coming or where I was after I shot them. It just stuck! It's been that way so long.....
Hell, you can google "Paintninja" and I pop up. Kinda scary when you think about it! Later


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Mine, is my first part of my username is short for the my last name (Stasiorowski becomes Stazz) and the second part of my username theRed, is based on my Swedish heritage. So, if you put it all together it becomes StazztheRed

Mr Fett

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Mine was from back when I first started costuming and joined the local 501st message board. I had a Boba Fett costume and wanted to use a Boba Fett type name but registering on what was then ezboard had tons of user names with some sort of variation of Boba Fett. So I went with Mr Fett and that name has carried over to most all costuming message boards I register at.

celtic yautja

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for me,i loved the AVP celtic was one of the first new designs i saw in AVP.
the term "yautja" is of course,second nature to the predator fanbase, yeah,celtic yautja is here !!
thats me,my names lance & i live in new zealand.

hi to everybody !!

hi mel:yep,....julies one of the best !!....she's rockin' fer sure !! B)


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im a professional tattoo artist here in col,oh.ive been tattooing for 8 yrs now,and have owned the biz for almost 6 yrs recognized as one of finest art studios.hence-ta2pro.


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My org. name was Predsniper , this is a pred forum, and my MOS was sniper in the Corp. But there came to be too many snipers on the lair, and when we changed location, I went to NewPredMaker kinda self explanatory.


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Tommynator is Thomas/Tommy (my 1st name) plus Terminator. When I tried to register that on another website, it was already taken (can you believe that ??), so the site gave me a couple of suggestions with added numbers, like -666 or -1000. I'm a software engineer, so 1024 kinda fit me better, as powers of 2 make a computer compute.

I was thinking of changing it to viking hunter, now that I found my "identity" long after joining the old board, but I kinda stuck with the old name instead.


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Seriously,mine is so lame...I started the PT thing back when the PT cruisers first came out...I owned one...and Well, since I'm of Greek origin...hence I said....lame
Yasou! I'm Greek as well B) Nice to see another one of my countrymen on here


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Mine is pretty easy for you guys to figure out, I guess. The elder predator in P2 was nicknamed Greyback by the production crew and I've used it for about 2 years now. The silly thing is I get asked a lot where it comes from IRL because noone seems to know.
People always guess it's from Harry Potter lore as there's also a character with the same name B)


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Got the nickname about a decade ago when I worked for a scientific research instrument company which dealt w/ a lot of quite expensive, precision instruments. I worked in the shipping dept & always tried to figure out better, faster, cheaper ways to custom packaging methods that would offer ample protection for the very delicate, calibrated instruments while en route to other countries all around the world. Basically, whenever a problem came up, I always said I'd find a way to "MacGuyver" something up that would solve whatever the problem happened to be & it didn't take long before everyone started calling me the MacGuyver. The name stuck pretty good since I'm always creating some type of gadget from parts of other items.


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mine came from my love of martial arts(aikido) and also been a long time shinken collector.anything samurai or japanese oriented and since I saw "big red" on dead end that gave me an idea for my name

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