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Do you know of an original prop that has been lost or destroyed forever? The main one that comes to my mind is the large alien captain prop in Alien that a crazy person burnt up years ago. What original prop do you know of that has been lost forever?
Some of the dredd props etc were instorage at ellstree years ago, costumes and the abc robot, as well as the guns and other bits, don't know if its still there.
Jabba ended up being burnt on the lot while also at ellstree, to big to store
Space station from "2001."


There's a prop warehouse just off the M25 around London and the last time I was there, they had a full sized X-Wing fighter and a few other props from Star Wars. I was told that while many are replicas, a fair number were in fact original, but I'm no expert and couldn't tell.

Other original items they had were The Mystery Machine van from the live action Scooby Doo, a couple of armoured sci-fi type vehicles from a movie I should know**, but don't, two ships from Space Above and Beyond and one of the motor bikes from Judge Dredd. They also had a boat load of smaller props, weapons and gadgets from all manner of movies such as Bond and so on, all piled up on row after row after row of shelving units.

The best thing about all of this is that you can hire the stuff if you want, which would be good for taking measurements and reference photographs if needed.


**Having just thought about it, I do know that one of these vehicles was used in the movie, Children of Men, but it was built for a much earlier production, possibly from the very late 1990's to early 2000's.
A friend of mine worked on Star Wars ROTS in Sydney, he had the task of cutting up and skipping a number of props from all of the movies including a Yoda puppet from Empire, he kept the right hand.
Just about every set of a film is destroyed. I pretty sure all of the lifesized ships from Star wars were destroyed (included the only complete millenium falcon from ESB). :cry This happens because they are to big for the archives to handle(imagine maintaining a lifesize millenium falcon).

A lot of the clothing and weapons in the original star wars trilogy was modified military clothing and weapons that were rented from various costuming companies. So they have been lost from the renting companies not maintaining what items were in certain films.

I know a lot of props from disney films that were made before the archives were established were either lost or destroyed. Luckily, many props have been found hidden in disney warehouses of there various departments.

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