presenting My Corillian Lightsaber, Or, The First in My What If Series...


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Gone but not forgotten.
That actually is what I drew up..the holes...but decided against it when I tried to centerpunch the one hole on the inner center...discovered that it was made of stainless steel and I just knew I'd really make a mess of it.

What I need to do is learn how to machine a proper taper...and it'll come.
That part is removeable so I can replace it eventually. The other idea was to leave it silver to match the ESB and Jedi version and I might do that...but I prefer it black.
That's the beauty of these, they're never really done :lol

Very impressive! I like the idea of a lightsaber inspired from a blaster. I think using the flash hider similar to Greedo killer (the one with holes on the flash hider) would add a little more character to it.
:thumbsup :thumbsup :thumbsup !!!


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Brilliant, Sporak! :thumbsup

"Hokey religions and ancient blasters are no match for a good saber at your side, kid." :D


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This is stunning! Love to see some details about what materials you turned it out of, and how you fixed it all together.

Here's a thought for you - how's about a Tusken Raider's Gaffi Stick light sabre? :D



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Gone but not forgotten.
I'll disassemble it and post pics :)
The emitter is/was a steel shot mixer (found at Cost Plus).
The body machined aluminum...
The handle is lathed wood.
The D ring thing is a modified greeblie I found, and the O ring is off of an old dog collar.


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