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  • Hi!
    This is Jamie. I am new here so I hope this is where I contact you. I am hopeful that my plan for the necklace is successful. I found someone to make a 3D print of the pendants and I just need the dimensions if you would be so kind as to measure for me.
    Awe, thank you! My son plays the part, too! He acts just like Dudley sometimes, lol.
    I definitely will only be making one for myself. I neeeeeed it in my collection and since I can’t get my hands on one, I will try this way.
    Thank you Mike!
    ATL Kenobi
    ATL Kenobi

    See the attached. This is the best I can do. Please post on the RPF your progress on replicating the necklace.


    • Necklace-Model.pdf
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    This works!!! I will definitely post my progress. Thank you so very much!
    I owe you a Butterbeer or a Firewhiskey next time I see you
    Hi, I wanted to introduce myself- I’m Bryan.
    I’ve become good friends with Chris (Teecrooz) and Dann (Dann).
    I recently moved into Grant Park with my wife Heather, and Chris mentioned he thought he remembered you being close-by but didn’t know if you were still.
    We bought off of Glenwood between Grant and Hill. So, if you see an RPF shirt around Grant Park that might be me!
    Cheers, hope this finds you well.
    ATL Kenobi
    ATL Kenobi
    Hi Bryan,

    I'm glad that you and Heather took the time to stop by our house the other day to say hi to Carolyn and myself. Perhaps when we're all a little more comfortable congregating, I can show you the props I've replicated and still working on.:p

    I'd also eventually would like to come by your place and see your replicas as well- it's a neat hobby!


    Mike Dufano
    Greetings from Jackson, GA. Loved your work on Sybill Trelawney's hand bag. Asking for your help in creating that hand bag for our up coming cosplay build. Any info you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Hyway
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Jun 23, 1958 (Age: 66)
The Villages, Florida