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Hello everyone.

I was asked to paint up a Porkins helmet. This was my first time even trying to attempt such a design. I’ve seen a few different decal sets, but felt that using only decals took away too much freedom in order to make adjustments based on the size of the helmet. So I used a bit of both.

I painted the red on the front and the green around the rams horns. Green? I know right? But the pics I found here seems to show it being a type of green. I talked with the client and he made the final call on the color and therefore, green it is. The rest is decals. Everything was hot with a clear coat before weathering.

After working on this, I think I’d like to add a Porkins to my collection. Any thoughts, comments, recommendations, or critiques would be appreciated. I know the helmet isn’t 100% accurate, but certain liberties were taken and approved by the client.

thanks for any input.

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