1. SirSandalot

    I painted the Revell 1/29 scale X-Wing (PIC HEAVY)

    Well, the title says it all... but first... Modifications/corrections: 1. Stock R2-D2 was too tall, I fixed that, he did not like it. Beep beep weeeebipibipiwoowoo, he said. I agreed. 2. The pilot was sitting too deep in the cockpit, looked like a little kid. Just made him a pillow with putty...
  2. hoosleberg

    Scratch/kitbashed 1/24 X-wing

    For the past 3 months I've been slowly chipping away at a studio scale T-65. I have been able to source about 10 of the less rare kits on ebay. For the hard to find kits I plan to scratch or 3d print the pieces. Full size drawings posted on the forums, the ILM Red 3 pics and Bandai's 1/72 kit...
  3. M

    Halloween: CRASH ON DAGOBAH

    Halloween: CRASH ON DAGOBAH This years Halloween build was a little more involved than the others. It ended up with two major props, and four skeleton characters, one of which ended up as basically a prop too The starting goal of this years was twofold, to get a little more involved in lights...
  4. P

    Star Wars MPC/ Ertl 1983 ROTJ X-Wing (1/43)

    Okay...won an original ROTJ 1:43 kit a little bit ago on Ebay. First thing I had to do was to rework Luke's arms: (pics courtesy of we-r-toys, Ebay and qdc748a, Youtube) To do this, I transplanted a pair of arms from a 1/48 scale pilot (at Luke's size, it seemed to work)...
  5. Pcoz

    Revell SnapTite X-Wing 2 Day Build

    Hey guys, it's been a while since I've posted. Here is a quick build of a Revell X-Wing I literally just finished. The only mods I did with this model is added the tubes on the sides and a few greeblies in the cockpit. Pcoz
  6. Jack2155

    3D modeled Low Altitude Death Star Tiles with Bandai slots

    I've been modeling these tiles for a while now, and thought I'd share some wip. I've basically divided the basic tiles by 4 and resized them to the same scale as the Bandai tiles. (3' x 3"), and added the slots and plugs for the vehicle models. The tiles are based off reference photos from...
  7. IMG_20210410_164102.jpg


    My first model! Bandai X-Wing 1/144
  8. DSNME

    3D-printed X-Wing in 1:12 scale (for Hasbro Black Series 6" figures)

    Hello everyone, I’m Dominic, 34 years old, long time Star Wars and X-Wing fan. I’m reading in this forum for years now, getting all sorts of tips and information about all kinds of Star Wars models. Great place! Now, after all these years, I have built something that is worth sharing here...
  9. dockbay94

    In a DIFFERENT Galaxy Far, Far, Away... x-wings

    As John Cleese would say " and now for something completely different" - I bought these 2 bandai (TINY) 1/72 scale T-70 kits real cheap and had no idea what to do with them since I'm not a fan a the blue color. so I decided to go back to A New Hope red squadron paint scheme, maybe in a...
  10. TK1625

    Porkins Helmet

    Hello everyone. I was asked to paint up a Porkins helmet. This was my first time even trying to attempt such a design. I’ve seen a few different decal sets, but felt that using only decals took away too much freedom in order to make adjustments based on the size of the helmet. So I used a bit...
  11. Jacobalcook

    Red 2 Captain Cardboard Legacy X-Wing

    Hey guys, Inspired by many of the fantastic modelers here and elsewhere, I have completed my first Studio Scale model: Red 2. It was built from a new cast by Hoss Hobbies of the Captain Cardboard masters. Though I have experience with resin models, this was a pretty challenging build and I...
  12. Strikerkc

    Want to Buy X-wing helmet interior

    Scratch that. Disregard.
  13. Sithslayer78

    1:1 T-70 X-Wing Cockpit/Simpit

    Hello There! I've been planning on starting this build for 2 years now, but with the impending release of Squadrons and all this free time I have at home now, I thought it would be a perfect time to start. This is going to be a full 1:1 scale T-70 cockpit functioning as a simpit for space...
  14. HackinSpock

    Conversion of standard joystick and throttle controls to look like X-Wing's?

    With Star Wars Squadrons coming out, they are reintroducing classic sim mechanics. I was wondering if anyone converted a joystick and throttle combo like this: Into a joystick and throttle that resembles what we see in the X-Wing?
  15. TerranCmdr

    Pretty Accurate Toddler-Size TFA X-Wing Pilot

    Well it's that time of year again (Halloween) and since I'm not making a big costume for myself, I decided I wanted to make something cool for my son. It started out, as all of these do, to make a 'simplified' version, but I get carried away. Plus, I already have all the plans to make the pieces...
  16. newmagrathea


    Ok I've put this up on my blog in full detail, so I'll put a condensed version here. https://www.propchopshop.com/2019/08/13/x-wing-control-stick/ There are two different X-wing control sticks. There is the one that Wavey has a thread on: ANH X-Wing Control Column - Stick And the one that I'm...
  17. R

    Custom X-Wing Pilot Helmet

    This is my first posting on the RPF. I just completed a DHPFX X-Wing helmet kit and custom paint job. I went with a heavily weathered and battle worn look. I learned a lot and enjoyed the process. I have a second bucket on order. ;)
  18. H

    Star Wars Short-film Project Background ships and WIP

    Hey, all! Been working on some custom corellian gunships and a frigate lately, trying to fill out the background of a couple of rebel fleet shots I plan on doing for a short film I have in mind. They're all completely CG, rendered in 3dsmax with VRay Next 1.1 on my GPU.I'm pretty happy with the...
  19. Star Wars Helmets

    RS Prop Masters Biggs Darklighter X-Wing Helmet

    At a time when the licensed producers are constantly delaying release of "pre-order" replicas, I have to say its a very pleasant experience ordering and then receiving a replica prop on time! So here's my latest acquisition, the RS Prop Masters Biggs X-Wing helmet, signed by ole Biggsy...
  20. Mike J.

    Colin Cantwell in Clearwater, FL, March 16, 2019

    STAR WARS' COLIN CANTWELL PRESENTATION & SIGNING, WITH THE 501ST! | EC! Not exactly a convention per se, but I think this is worth noting. Star Wars Ship Creator and Modeler, Colin Cantwell, for Star Wars Looks like he'll be making a tour of the FL-GA area in March, so check his website for...
  21. COlson

    Bandai X-Wing 1/48 scale Heavily modded

    This is my Bandai 1/48 scale X-Wing starfighter. I have heavily modified this kit with additional electronics and a custom base. The torpedo firing and and wing functions are all that were kept from the original kit. I added full cockpit lighting with targeting computer lighting, engine...