Paper + foamcore T-800 Endoskeleton

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    Ever since chanfan began posting progress photos of his T-800, I have wanted to try my hand at doing the Endo. This desire has burned inside me since 1984, when I first laid eyes on that magnificent beast. I have collected reference material over the years with the idea that one day, I would build my own Endoskeleton.

    When I found out there was a set of plans to build a 1:2 scale paper Endo, I leaped at the chance to try this out. I had the pages printed at 200% and mounted them to poster board. I then began the arduous task of cutting and gluing together all the small bits to assemble a card-stock model. This sounded so simple when I first thought it. I later learned that each model can have 1-20 pieces, each piece can have 50 tabs, each tab needs 2-3 cuts + a score to bend the tab. That is roughly 3000 cuts with a utility knife per model. There are 20 or so models.

    I may go insane before I complete this, but I wanted to post some progress shots. I am putting this into the model section, as it didn't fit anywhere else.

    15.08.endo.01.jpg 15.08.eno.03.jpg 15.08.eno.02.jpg 15.08.endo.detail.01.jpg

    I didn't feel that the card model was ridged enough, so I added a layer of foam core to keep all the flat surfaces in plane. Although this worked out very well, the result was a front and back that do not match up. I think I may have secured a wrong angle when I added epoxy putty. I made the structure very stiff, but I don't know if I will be able to correct the exiting piece, or need to start fresh.

    Sadly, only after you have finished the model, do you realize the order that you should have built it in. There are really no instructions to this. They are all in Japanese.

    Once the card models are done, I will see about giving it some detail. But I wanted to post and show that I have been making progress, although slow going.
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    Who is the original author of the kit? Uhu02 perhaps?
    Regards, Robert
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    I don't know the author, but it came from the Japanese 1:2 papercraft book.

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