Original Sith costume

Ladies and gentlemen, the costume had it's second public debut at a Dutch Comic Con, aptly named (Heroes) Dutch Comic Con:



Photos by Dmvdberg.nl.

Though I'm overall pleased by the result so far - the armour looks pretty good for the fact I only spend six hours on it - the costume has clear room for improvement. The first thing to be improved will be the armour. I free handed the armour panels last time around, but for '2.0', I've taken a more meticulous approach:


Stay tuned ;-)
Thanks :)

Not quite sure if I'll make the next version in EVA foam as well. Saw and held some Mandalorian armour panels up close that were made from sintra, and I kinda like that material as well, now.
In the mean time, I've been tweaking the belt by adding things:



Still need to tweak the technical doodad towards the far right. I want to be movie ready, but that thing isn't that far yet, IMO ;-)
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