1/9th Scale Jaws Orca (NECA Size)

2 years to get this far Filmzy. I don't knowwwwwww. I have a year left to finish. Just please tell me the Mast, Flying bridge, Pulpit, and Barrel Roof aren't as time consuming as the Back Deck, Main Cabin, and Lower Cabin have been. I want to get the cabins done and the roofs on by the end of Summer. Then I'll have 9 months to finish this baby, It is encouraging, watching the "Lumber Yard" as I call it, get smaller and smaller as things get built.
How are you doing C.H.? Are you OK? You're in my thoughts and Prayers, Hoping you're holding it together. Always be strong for yourself and people that need you.
The Lower Cabin will have Olde Maple Stain on the walls and furniture. The Forward and V-birth Deck will again be Honey Stain like the back Deck and main cabin.
Well, I have 2 more weeks of building time before I go on a real boat. Taking the wife on a cruise for her birthday. First time in 5 years since the pandemic and her cancer treatments.
I hope before we go I can get the the pieces of the forward cabin built and mocked up. Once that's done, when we get home, I have to float her ( yes Joberg you'll get your wish) and do a ballast test. After I do that, I'll have a better idea of forwarding weight.
DCN has more chance of sailing at Martha’s Vineyard than I do.
I'm beyond hope. Just finishing this boat in a year would be nice. Going to the Vinyard would be amazing, but checking on hotels, they're all sold out. Most of the answers I got were, "we've been sold out for those dates over a year."

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