Obi-Wan Kenobi Macrobinoculars FINISHED + DIY Kits


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Hello There!

As a life long Star Wars fan, Obi-Wan has always been my favorite character, and I couldn’t be more excited to see him return to the high ground. In honor of that, I am offering both finished and DIY kits of his macrobinoculars, seen in the trailer. These kits are resin printed with upgraded steel screws. Finished kits will be hand painted with Archive X acrylics to achieve those classic Star Wars colors. All clean up and finishing will be on the buyer with the DIY kits.

I will only be making a limited amount of finished kits, 10 max, first come first serve. DIY kits I’m happy to keep that run open for those that want it down the road.

Payment through PayPal. You will not pay anything until I have a product ready to ship. Finished kits will take about 2 weeks (to be safe). DIY kits should only take a day or two. All I ask is that if you commit to a kit, you respect my time and effort, and stick to it. Some build photos and finished example below!

Finished (Clean or Weathered) $100 + $9.50 shipping

DIY- $50 + 9.50

Reply to the post with the type of kit you like and I will message individually.


  • FAA449A1-0B3F-41D0-8029-9377EA803519.jpeg
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