Limited Run FOUNDATION: The Prime Radiant with screen-traced runes (finished & kits)


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Hey guys!

So, I'm finally sorta getting the prop-making mojo back after watching Foundation and a second viewing of The Expanse.

This is a limited run for the PRIME RADIANT as seen in The Foundation TV show. Offering KIT versions.

I have successfully transferred actual engraved surface runes from the screen prop to the replica, to make it as accurate as possible with available reference!

Photos of my first "final" piece.



I've been tinkering with this since the start of S2, and after a lot of test prints and such, I'm ready to share it in a short run to spread out some material costs, as developing it used up a lot of my hobby budget.

In my prototype, I experimented with different types and size of engraved text, using Asimov's writing. The screen prop has engraved geometric symbols. After extensive testing, tracing and manipulating screenshots and reference, I successfully transferred most of the runes from the screen prop, also using the layout patterns from the prop.

Here are the 'raw' parts. (The shell is frosty due to post-processing, but will go fully transparent when a gloss clear coat is added.)


Closeup of the "raw" print. Pin for size reference so you can see how intricate the runes are.

  • Printed parts in Kit form: $250 shipped
For the kit, I'll do a short "build process" writeup PDF.

Parts are printed on a professional machine (i.e. the same type used by ILM and other prop shops), using pro-grade resin.

Kit parts take at least a couple weeks to print and post-process before shipping.

NOTE: This RUN IS ON as of now!

(In other words, it's not an interest thread.)

For those that want a finished copy on a budget, I'll be putting my prototype copies in the junkyard.

Drop me a PM if you want in on the run!


Oh, and here's a silly video I did running my iphone camera over it.
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Currently working on a couple of these. Not sure how many more I'll be able to do before my arm calls it quits. But more resin is coming tomorrow!
Many (!) hours of sanding and glueing later...

The first batch is almost ready for clear coating, which will take a while. Each one is done on a rotating base, then flipped, after allowing a long time to fully cure. Several thin clear passes are done.

Id love to grab two of these if possible!
Hey there. I sent you a PM a while back but never got a reply. If you're still interested I need to know ASAP.

Note: The five above are all spoken for. At this time I'm not certain if I'll end the run or do more of them, as my current supply of resin is almost gone and I usually only do these things to cover materials.
Getting ready to start another small batch in the next couple of days as I'm finishing up the current ones. If you want a chance to get one before Xmas, now's the time to let me know!

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