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Discussion in 'Entertainment and Movie Talk' started by Tan Djarka, Jul 29, 2015.

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    I was thinking, among the few of us that own an all real parts Obi ANH, who lives near Vegas or plans to vacation there? The reason I ask, and this is just a whacky notion on my part, but why doesn't someone take their saber on that show "Pawn Stars"? No, I don't expect anyone to actually sell their prized saber (as I'm sure some of the featured items are just for the show, as no one in their right mind would pawn them verses taking them to an auction house and getting closer to their actual value). I just think it would make for some interesting television (I'd actually watch that), and maybe give someone their "15 minutes" (or however long each segment lasts). Just a thought...
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    Pawn Stars has had replica props on the show before. They didn't seem to understand the idea of owning a replica, so they called it a "fake" and didn't want to buy it. Then, of course there was the fan made Luke ESB saber that was on Comic Book Guys. The so called expert there didn't definitively ID it as a replica or genuine even though it was obviously an inaccurate replica.
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    That pawn show sorta bugs me, its fun to watch and see what kind of stuff pops up there from time to time. But the workers do all the research, get its street value price, and will rarely pay anything 30-40% of that price quote. I know the pawn shops set out for something like 500% profit, but these people with the super awesome items should really just go to ebay if they want 60-70% of their asking price. Yeah Comic Book Men is a little more understandable with items like movie props and comic book related items, I like that show because the people usually get a fair amount for what they ask for it.

    Take this for example: Nike MAG... Officially released for the first time by Nike themselves, amazing, I repeat AMAAAAAZING replica prop, desired by millions, only a handful got the real deals, and this "shoe expert" throws out a price like $1,500

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