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Hi! I'm Chucky from the Philippines. New to this site, and was really impressed with the stuff the community churns out that I just had to register. Not new to making props myself; have been a backyard gunsmith/armorer for a few years now but I'm always hopeful to learn even more stuff.
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Hello my name is Rafael and since my childhood I create all sorts of replicas, this time try to bring reality to all sorts of fantastic replica.
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hi all,
im grave, im a run away from the 405th.
so ya, ive done pepakura. but now im looking into working with EVA foam.

so far ive found that it is hard to navigate this forum. so if anyone could point me in the direction of eva foam tut's. i would really appreciate it.

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Hi I'm Jim
I found this site on my quest to find a replica jumpsuit that Sam Rockwell wears in the movie moon already got some good info on patches etc thanks good site glad I joined I'm Scottish but live in Melbourne Australia so anyone down this way say hi if you like especially if you love the movie Moon!!


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Hi, I am Phill. I am seni-retired, working part time and spending the rest of my time building fun stuff.

I am just in the finishing stages of building a life sized NSD Dalek out of fiberglass. I am just working on completing the machined aluminium parts.

I videotape my builds and will be getting round to putting up some videos on YouTube.

Next projects look like they will be Star Trek related. I want a captain's chair and the Moire spinning clock. I am also building a couple of John Long kits for the Phaser I and Communicator.
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well, yes another newbie. I wasn't a big prop collector in the past but I always envied the pieces of fellow fans at our German Indiana Jones Summits or shown on different boards in the net. Well, I already had a gear collection, so someday I just made my first steps into props and bought my ACME headpiece. Since then one could say I am infected with the "prop-fever" and want to have more.

I hope that I'll find here some interesting ideas, maybe also some opportunities and help for gaining also some nice impressive pieces. I plan to stay mostly on the Indy topic but since I like many different movies and settings, can't promise anything.

So nice to be here and hello to all of you. :)

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Hello all Im also new here .I havent the skills yet to make replica's But I definatly LOVE to buy props ...a little to much .Anyways I only started collecting about 9 months ago but Ive picked up some pretty neat pieces lately...I kinda ran out of space for anything else big . Im mostly into Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis orginal screen used but Ive picked up a few Firefly and Im looking into Andromeda now. Some of my props are here WorldWideWebb's collection on
Hopefully its ok to post this link ?
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Hello all, I am on a mission to learn much more about prop and replica building. I started out making replica lightsaber handles and moved on to making a full Boba Fett costume, including building a helmet, gauntlets, blaster rifle, and jetpack from scratch with the help of The Dented Helmet, and this site. I am currently making a Kingdom Keyblade replica from Kingdom Hearts. I have been very inspired by what I have seen from Volpin Props. The main things I am interested in learning more about now is making molds and casting. I look forward to becoming a more active member as my knowledge progresses.
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I forgot to mention I do not mind sharing pictures of most of my original props with people wanting them . David from propworx told me about this site and Im glad to be here .Hello all !
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Hey folks,
Name is Scott, Handle is Hopfot nickname is Hoppy. I'm a 501st Redback and Rebel Legion Tatooine Base of Queensland Australia. So my costumes consist of Star Wars based costuming. I'm also in process of building a Mando Merc.

My Costumes:

Shadow Scout

(still in production)
Tusken Raider
Darth Maul

Rebel Legion:
Generic Old Republic Jedi
Rebel Fleet Trooper

(still in production)
Generic New Republic Jedi
Tusken Raider

Mando Mercs:
Custom Assassin Mando

Costumes I want to do:

ODST, Spartan (Reach Generic)

Knight (leather armour)
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hey everyone,
Stumbled upon this site the other day by accident, thought it was lethal, so i joined,
the stuff you guys create here is really a serious show of talent, I wouldn't be suprised if i saw a fully functional iron man suit on here in the near future

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hello, stumbled across this, just looking for scott pilgrim tees and the odd hat...
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How do everyone my name is Ray from Bronx, New York and I have been a Sci-fi and movie buff since childhood I have always been artistic some may think Autistic Lol but I started out doing art work and looking to study Auto Design after the Army but things didn't pan out. The last couple of years I took up sculpting teaching myself and attending the Online University of YouTube you can learn from cooking to making a Silencer Lol, and then last year I started scratchbuilding. Some of the props made here are movie quality stuff or better I hope to be able to participate in here sharing my own work with you guys.
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Hey all,

I go by the Dr. of New Earth, (at least I will on this forum ;) ) and I do like to build props. I hope to one day to actually make any kind of fan film, but makeing the props for it is always the trick lol.

I joined this forum in the hopes of not only getting help in the building part of it, but to get feed back on the props I finish.

I so do look forward to what's to come.
Hey All!!!

Hello Everyone!

Muy name is Angelo and Im so glad I came across this site. The level of talent on here is amazing! Im doing a Tron Legacy art project for a friend of mine that will use el wire and I hope it comes out decent. If it does I might share it with you guys but it may not be up to snuff considering how talented the people on here are. :confused Anyway looking forward to posting and seeing more incredible things on this website.
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Hey guys!

I know I already did an intro thing, but I really wanna get some people watching, and because this series is going to be utilizing a LOT of my replica props, I think it'd be right up the alley of a lot of the people here. If this has a better place on the forum, please TELL ME and I'll move it there. Otherwise, I'd appreciate any help circulating this:

New Solo webseries about a guy named Max stuck in the middle of a zombie outbreak in the city he lives in. He makes video blogs to keep himself sane and organized, and to try to make contact with anyone else still alive. Subscribe and join his fight for survival!!/profile.php?id=100002419653588&sk=notes

A few notes:
Yes, This is an ongoing series
Yes, it will have a plot
No, it will not just be one character, others will show up
No, it will not just be sitting in one spot talking, there will be zombies and action occurring

Appreciate the help, guys!
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Hello one and all. I'm currently in my first year at university studying Scenic Arts. My passion lies with prop making, and so this site is like a gold mine of ideas and techniques for me. I love reading about all your creations and the photos showing your progress. You're a very talented bunch and I hope some of that talent will rub off on me :p

P.S. My greatest fear are zombies :(
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Aloha everyone,

I'm new here and looking through tons of info. I have been a 501st member since 2005 and am looking to do other things. I really like music, used to play in a few bands here locally in Hawaii. Looking to learning a lot from here.

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