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Hola mis amigos,

My name is Miguel and I kept hearing about the RPF from the Tested Youtube channel but I never stopped by to see what was poppin until now. My reasoning for joining is that I've wanted to learn about prop building for a while, especially now because at the high school I attend they require seniors to do a project about a career path you'd like to follow and I decided to do mine on cosplay and prop making. This project requires a research paper along with a physical project. My physical project plan A is to make the Space Sheriff Gavan suit from the show of the same name, with my plan B being a GSPO uniform from Lupinranger VS Patranger in case I can't finish my plan A. I also would like to make Kamen Rider Gaim's Daidaimaru and the VS Changer from Lupinranger VS Patoranger in the future.

My main interests in props and costumes lie mostly in tokusatsu.

Thanks for reading.

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Hello Everyone,

My name is Terry. I learned of this site through a video presentation that featured Adam Savage. I have enjoyed costuming and SFX ever since going to the movies as a kid. Fast forward a few decades and I'm a professional model maker who enjoys fabricating just about anything that an industrial client could possibly want. I'm here for my own personal interests though as I would like to start making some helmets, masks, props, etc. for Halloween parties and other fun.

Thanks for such a great resource!



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Hello all!

As I was searching for different how-to tips for different projects, this forum kept popping up, so I finally checked it out. I've been making costumes for years, but in the last few I've started entering contests and expanding from sewing to armor and props. Right now I've mostly made foam and thermoplastic weapons and armor, but I'm going to give casting and making things light up a go! Looking forward to learning new things on this site.



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Hi there,
Verry happy to be part of this amazing community.
I am a professional prop maker and have worked on mainly big Disney films over he last 6 years.
Due to becoming a father again I’m trying to pay the bills without committing to the hours and commuting that the film industry demands.
I’ve spent the last year developing a range of prop kits that I hope to start selling.

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Hey from New York

I just joined because I love building. I used to cosplay (slowly getting back into it) and I'm a filmmaker. I love movies, games, tv so I love making things from my favorite shows.

At the moment I'm planning a full body prawn from District 9 with animatronic eyes.

I've spent weeks looking for the Assault rifle from D9 that's a screen accurate 3D model. Though I'm not 3d printing it I wanna use it as a blue print so i can make it out Eva foam and or worbla.

If anyone can help me I'd be extremely grateful!

The new guy

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Hello everyone, I introduce myself Germinator33. I am 46 years old, I am married and I have two children.
I am in France near Bordeaux. I'm also registered on the forum of the 501st French garrison.
Star Wars since the 70s, I have long since looked at the star wars world to make an outfit of Darth Vader ROTS, in the process of purchase and creation. But i look about wookie outfit So I took the step and I am registered here.
thank you for your welcome:)

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Hello everyone

My name is Alberto, I'm an industrial design technician

I barely even remembered that I had made the Master Chief's armor in Halo: Combat Evoled, they removed the download files on the page where I got them, but luckily I have the files and I share them with you so they can make your armor, regards from Mexico

Here is the link



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Hi, everyone! Not really an experienced prop maker or anything, but I've been lurking here for the past week while I work on my first project, the constellation lamp from FX's Legion. Totally stuck, but I did find a relevant thread for a similar project here that's helped me along a bit, so that's cool.


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Hi, I have no experience in making props or costumes, but I am really excited about the new Galaxy Edge opening in Disneyland next year and want to make a costume and holiday there some day. I was told this is the best online community for props and costumes so I hope with your help and expertise to make one :)


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&gt;&gt; New Members: Please Introduce Yourselves Here! &lt;&lt;

Hello everyone. I am a member of the 501st with my Death Trooper costume. Here to learn more


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Hey everyone! I'm Sean, and I'm a cosplayer with a crazy attention to detail but no clothes/prop-making skills whatsoever lol. I started as a Marty McFly cosplayer years ago at NYCC and then moved on to do Arkham City Joker and Jack Sparrow! I took a break from cosplay to focus on my acting and music/music production careers, but recently I've been aching to get back into it all (especially Marty McFly). Looking forward to being involved with all you lovely people!

See you in the future, or the past!


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Hi everyone, my name is Tintoy Chuo, a character designer from Malaysia, I do digital & actual canvas painting too, here are some of my works:

I am into superheroes (Iron man), japanese robots (Getter Robo), UFO (big supporter of Prof Dr.Steven Greer), World War 2's warbird (Luft46), Sci-Fi (so many...) & Star Wars (mainly Lightsaber).

As an artist i draw or paint mostly, just recently due to my love of Obiwan ANH weathered lightsaber i start to do a bit of work on actual props.



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Hey everyone! I'm Kris and I'm an artist, author, sculptor, soapboiler, podcaster and con man. I'm based in Idaho but travel all over doing conventions - primarily comic book and horror shows. I've done some prop-making, primarily for private collections - Cabinet of curiosities and wunderkammers - usually shrunken heads or things in jars, but I LOVE geeking out over others' WIP photos. I am currently developing a board game and working on artwork for an art book about the Spanish Language films of Guillermo Del Toro. I also have a numbe rof novels out and two regular podcasts - Robot Kraken - a long form geek pod and The 3D Podcasket, which is primarily horror and 80's based. You can hit me up on any social media - my username is deeplydapper on most or check out my art and podcasts at www.deeplydapper.com

I'm not sure how often I'll be able to be on here, but I'm looking forward to it!!


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Hi everyone, I am just getting into making some replica props. I have started designing replicas in CAD and then use 3d printing and post-processing to bring them to life. I have also been releasing the STL files on Thingiverse and other sites so others can make these props as well. In addition, I have made some videos on YouTube to show/help others build these props and have some fun with them on my own.

I look forward to sharing some of these designs here to get some feedback and see how I can improve my making. Cheers!


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Hi All

Long time reader, first time poster. Been a comic and sci-fi fan for as long as i can remember.
I've always been Arts n Crafty, but only just ventured into costume building.

So far, I have made a Mk IV Iron-man helmet from corrugated cardboard (lots of boxes at work), just taped so i could get a feel for it.

next was a Mk 46, hot glued, with removable faceplate. And now that I've bought some card, I have completed a pep Red Hood helmet.

My biggest problem is, I am Master of the half finished project. These may be around for some time, before I take them any further.


Ryan - Swansea, South Wales.

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