>> New Members: Please Introduce Yourselves Here! <<

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Hello from France. I'm Anne-Sophie and I found RPF when searching for tips about many costumes I want to make.
I'm making costumes since 2003 (beginning with LOTR when the third movie came out on screen) and even if they are far from being perfect, I always try to do my best.
I have HP/LOTR/SW costumes in my stash (never SW, I said a long time ago ^^), and now I'm working on a Dracula one.
My speciality, if I can say that, is embroidery. All by hand. So it always takes me a veeeeery long time to finish a thing.
I want also to say sorry in advance if I make typo or grammar mistakes. I'm not very at ease with another language

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Hi all,

Steve from Toronto here. I'm hoping to turn a very old Estes Maxi-Brute into a decent X-Wing and am looking forward to going over the excellent threads here.



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Hello all,

I am cosplaying for 10 years now, but I have problems with props for my costumes.
The first time I came here was when I wanted to look up some things for Rey from star wars (costume, Props etc.) now I have some questions and hope I might find some good answeres :) I am curious how everything will work. Let's have a great time together :D.

Greetings from Europa


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Hello all,
Miguel here from Spain. Yeah that's tight, you guys reach that far. Btw it's good to see other Europeans around!

I fell in love with the movies culture in LA in the 90s and apart from that, it's been almost 20 years now into scale models, so I thought it was time to merge those interests of mine into prop making. I already know a lot of stuff but never started any project. But that's gonna change :)

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Hi All

I'm currently researching how to build a Chewbacca costume for my friends wedding ( he's obviously going to be Han) but being 6ft5 Chewie is a perfect option.

I used to collect everything and unfortunately I've sold collections for various reasons, however I believe building a repilica prop is the way forward, you deepen the connection to the film or character you've found inspiring, after seeing other members builds it's infectious, so I've listed 10 other props I want to build as well and will try and do justice to those whom shoulders I'll be standing.


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I'm new to prop making but not new to building. My big obsession is with patches from films such as "Data Coat" in Goonies, the patches from Firefly, some nice ones in Blade Runner too. Wanting to pick up an embroidery machine to make my own.

Big Kurosawa fan. Big Mifune fan.

Currently working on a full size Haku with my daughter for next year's Dragon Con (we are outside Atlanta). It will be fur, feathers, and paper mache. I'm also making a No-Face for myself.

Looking forward to learning.

Also a tested member.

Larken Harris

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Hi! I'm Larken and I just joined the RPF although I've been an occasional lurker for several years. Costume enthusiast, sewer, crafter, and pretty sure all events in life should include a theme.

Fandoms I would consider myself a part of- Harry Potter, Star Wars, Disney.

Thanks for having me!


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Hello! I'm new to Cosplay and making my own props. I'm especially impressed at all the amazing, talented people around the world. You each inspire my creativity and hope to learn from you masters!


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Hi everyone!
About time I registered to this forum and started making awesome stuff!
So... anyone has a pepakura model of an original stormtrooper armor?
Thanks! :)

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Hiya :) My names James. I'm 42 and from Gloucester in the UK.

Some years ago I watched a video on YouTube of Heinrich Pilerud's 40K Blood Angel Space Marine. And somewhere in my head the thought processes started of "I GOT TO MAKE ME ONE OF THOSE!". So after some more YouTube browsing. A lot of time with Google. And there eventually being pointed in this direction by several friends. I felt I had enough to start my project.

So naturally I experimented on a small nephew. Like his Dad, he was a 40K fan. And I built him a power armour suit. All that I learned from that, I then put into my build. And about 2 and half years on and off, I finished my build to a standard that I was happy to go out in public with it. And as a result, the Gloucester Comic-Con was my first cos-play outing. Which happily coincided with the 30th birthday of 40K.

And I'm back today so that I can go to the forum thread that gave me a lot of helpful information, and the templates that I went on to use.

Keep grinning.

Games Workshop Gloucester 2017 1.jpg 21430318_10214402264472897_5709582954049397030_n.jpg IMG_0529.JPG IMG_0534.JPG


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Hi everyone

I got recommended to sign up on RPF from a a good friend of mine. And I am just amazed that I didn't find it earlier... such a great forum!
I am a Swedish designer livening in the U.K.. Been into prop, mask and costume making for some years now. Mainly buying props now and then, admiring the work and dedication of other prop maker out there and making my own latex masks and sculpture when times allows... for carnival and Halloween for example .
It is only resentely thanks to my son, that I got into making props with EVA foam. And I found it such a great material to work with.
Will soon post the Groot head (below) I made last month and the work in progress of The Thing (Fantastc 4) costume I'm building for October Comic Con.

I am looking forward getting inspired by the stuff you guys build.



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Hello all, my name is Brian am from ayrshire in Scotland
pretty new to costume making not long finished an assassins creed costume for my daughter ,it was from the film the female assassin Maria
just started one for myself ,doing Edrio two tubes from rouge one so will be looking for some help with that from the experts
thanks Brian



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Hello all,

My name is Steven and I live in East Tennessee. Have been building models over the years and just now starting to get into repainting of toys into more realistic props. Love looking at all the great builds that have been done.



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Re: &gt;&gt; New Members: Please Introduce Yourselves Here! &lt;&lt;

hello my name is Justin. I'm a artist and maker of stuff. I found this site due to searching for more info on pepakura, armor making and making replicas of my favorite movie and video games. just poking around trying to figure things out, I'm not so computer savvy. I actually hate these things. I will try to answer any questions I can and I hope this fact is returned my way. been to a few forums and people are not so nice. I have quite a few pieces I have done and I am trying to get them loaded on here.....so like I said I'm trying. ha if anyone has any questions about me or my stuff I will try to get back to ya. thank you and I hope to learn a lot of things, pretty excited. I can nerd out now.

- - - Updated - - -

killer stuff man, great job.

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Man of Doom

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Hello, my name is Alonso, and I'm a beginner-level cosplayer. Some of my work can be found here:


I'm here not only to share my work with others, but to ask for help when needed. That being said, I'm also new to building props, and so far, my first prop has been based off an existing base (namely, a light gun).

Hope to meet some new people here.


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Hello everyone!
Im a young cosplayer, just got into building miniatures from Warhammer 40,000 and I aspire to make a Space Marine costume soon. General sci-fi nerd. My first build will be a Sith Acolyte with a twist. I look forward to sharing my work with everyone!


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I'm from the UK, and have just joined after years of meaning to!
Adam Savage kinda convinced me that this was the place to be.

My main interests are BTTF, Highlander, Jurassic park amongst others.
Problem is, there's TOO MUCH GREAT STUFF HERE!!:)

Looking forward to making something soon...


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Hey Everyone!
I'm Justin, Marvel and whatever's cool is what I'm in to. Took the kids to our very first and not last Comic Con. Saw and met some great people. Star Wars 501st pacific outpost just opened the eyes to a whole new world.

Shoretrooper, Kanan Jarrus outfits is what I'm looking out to make. Any help on where to start?


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Hi people! I am a great movie fanatic and I like to collect movie related statues/busts, specially the classics. Really excited to see all the amazing work people are creating here. Peace!

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