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Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by theamazingryan, Sep 3, 2015.

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    Ok so I pretty much have never posted here in the RPF but have used it for years for help with my builds. Im almost finished with my GB2 Proton pack getting ready for C2E2 in march (chicago comic and entertainment expo) I decided to make my wifes costume one of the New Ghostbusters from the upcoming 2016 movie. Im confident i can build the new proton pack (thanks to all the high quality photos available) , however im having trouble finding the proper flight suits and the proper boots. Im not affraid to make modifications and do some sewing if needed. What makes these unique is the collar. These collars have a flap on one side. Another issue is the straps for the backpack. I searched through Galls (police fire and rescue supply) but no luck. Is anyone else researching the same or if you guys feel like a challenge, see if you can find anything. I'm already expecting i may have to sew on the reflective stripe. Maybe even the front pocket. Same goes for the boots. If i have to add the reflective stripes no biggie. i can also add the pleating effect on the flight suit you find in the leaked photos of the cast in costume. Please guys help me out I'm running out of time!
    UPDATE! Upon finding this large high res picture I now can see that these are shin gaurds over regular work boots. I can make these easily from foam latex and lycra.
    rs_1024x759-150709165347-1024.Melissa-McCarthy-Kate-McKinnon-Kristen-Wiig-Leslie-Jones-Ghostbust.jpg new_ghostbusters_cast-620x414.jpg
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    ugh...don't validate this "movie" please. LOL
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    Check out the GB Reboot Forum on There are people that have already done a ton of research on these.
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    i never new that forum was there omg. im on GBfans everyday.

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