*Need help* Rifle scope from "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy" (2011)


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I've been on an off for a while now in regards of collecting props from the movie adaptation of "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy" (2011), which honestly is one of my favourite films in recent years.

In the final montage of the film where all story ends wraps up, Mark Strong's character is seen with a suppressed CZ/BRNO 452 in 22lr. I recently obtained said rifle (although there might be a few subtle variations as the rifle was in production for over 60 years), and I was hoping to kit the rifle to make it somewhat screen accurate to the film.

The rifle itself is a given, the sling and suppressor however I fear might ba lost cause as it's impossible to get a good look, and they are of a highly generic design.
The scope however we have a good view of, but these are not my area of expertise and I have no idea where to start.

From the screen grabs posted below we can make out the end bit of the brand name "Something Something Master" and perhaps "Something S 38" beneath.
Does anyone recognize the brand name at least? This would be a really good start for further research.

The film takes place in 1974, but I'd bet there is a good chance the scope might be somewhat modern era based on the look and finish.




This might be a long shot (no pun intended) but all help is appreciated!

Vintage Weaver K4-1 Rifle Scope​

View attachment 1726592View attachment 1726593View attachment 1726594

It is a close example, but not the correct scope I'm afraid. It share the same profile, but when comparing there are a few deviations.
First is the finish: The screen used scope has a mat black finish, while the scope from eBay is blued/anodized.
Then there are also a few differences in the overall shape that I have illustrated in the image below.
Lastly, the name of the scope/manufacturer in white font is missing.


Overall, I think the screen used scope is a "modern" (2000's ish) off the shelf scope rather than a vintage model.
Also the seller only ship within the US so I'm out either way.
Although I highly appreciate the effort and response.
the S-38 is maybe the objective for the lens. May help narrow it down, hard to tell the actual number but you can start looking at 38mm obj and try other variations as well.
Mate - if you locate the item in the states - I would be happy to take delivery and forward it to the UK if that is where you are located. I would only charge you actual shipping costs. I do not know where you are located. There should not be restrictions on the optics with customs. I am located in Maryland in the US. You never know when I need something from across the water. Shipping has gotten expensive.

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