1. mgoob

    Planet of the Apes Stunt Rifle w- REAL M1 Carbine Parts

    Here's just about everything you'll need to make a fabulous replica rifle! Reference photos are attached below. Produced about 10 years ago. Solid piece of wood that has been stained and painted. Faux barrel is attached w/ one screw. Faux magazine release attached. The stunt rifle had a solid...
  2. Soulinertia

    Soulinertia's Custom Builds - Nerf Mods, Prop Weapons, etc. (Mad WIP pics inside!)

    Thought I'd start off a new thread with some of my custom builds. This will be mostly sci-fi weapons built off of modded Nerf guns and/or airsoft parts. My first one here is a modded Raptorstrike. The stock gun looks like this: It's just begging for a barrel. So the first thing I did was...
  3. Steelgohst

    Post Apocalyptic AK-47 - Airsoft rifle re-paint tutorial (Pic Heavy!)

    First off, stripped off all the 'wood' parts and primed- Found this great primer that etches into plastic and metal removing the need for sanding (the most tedious part!) After priming I painted on then stippled my 'Steelgohst copyright magic rust paint' (iron powder mixed into acrylic paint...
  4. Assault Rifle from The Art of District 9

    Assault Rifle from The Art of District 9

    This comes from the art book, however there are a few inconsistencies with the on-screen version. Watch the movie for the official, but this is closer than the concept art.
  5. Assault Rifle Concept

    Assault Rifle Concept

    The concept art by Broadmore, details the length of the gun which is really helpful, but there are a LOT of inaccuracies for screen version. Don't use this for final template if you want screen-accurate. But its great for sizing.
  6. Assault Rifle official prop

    Assault Rifle official prop

    This is the official A.R. Weta replica.
  7. Assault Rifle canister pattern

    Assault Rifle canister pattern

    This is screen accurate as far as I could tell.
  8. techta - Wikus van der Merwe from District 9

    techta - Wikus van der Merwe from District 9

    This is my best photo of the costume I made to go with the assault rifle I actually completed in time for Halloween. Cosplay is Wikus van der Merwe from the film District 9 directed by Neill Blomkamp. Build...