Rifle display idea help/ideas


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I’m working on a new prop room and looking at a new way of displaying long rifles on the wall. Initially I bent custom metal brackets for each one. However, due to unfortunate circumstances, all of the brackets have been thrown into a box. So trying to figure out what goes to which gun, I was thinking maybe I’d do it differently.

I don’t really want to do the wire grid wall, I’d really like more of an art gallery look. Show me what ya got!
Shop slatwall


It took a while to find a supplier selling only 1 slatwall in the size I wanted, and it is a little pricy, and a devil to put up (I drilled though the slatwall at the slots, then marked though the holes, then drilled and rawl plugged, then spent ages trying to line it all up again), but it was worth it. Now I can reposition the gun anywhere and anytime I want with no need to drill new holes.

I did try to buy gun specific hooks, but being in the UK they were harder to get hold of, so I bought standard Euro hooks. Though you do have t get slightly longer hook then you think. I also bought the slatwall plastic inserts to protect the slats


You can buy a variety of shelves and brackets, at the bottom you can see the clear Perspex shelves for the Lego ships.

I dont know now if I should have fully committed and bought enough to cover the entire wall and just have full freedom to hang and adjust everything on the wall

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