1. M

    Star Wars E-11 blaster scope MHR Co 1943 M38 tank telescope

    edit: SOLD a vintage brass 1943 M.H.R. M38 tank telescope, aka one of the stormtrooper E-11 blaster scopes. Includes the additional screw-in front lens, which removes and attaches smoothly. Price: $250/shipped in USA, $300/shipped international. Thank you. Photos:
  2. mugatu

    Star Wars FS: Real Found Part 1943 M38 Telescope

    Hello! I have for sale one MHRCo M38 Telescope from a WWII Sherman Tank. As you know, this is used on the E-11 used by the Stormtroopers. Please view the photos as they are the best description of what you will get. Price includes shipping in the lower 48 states of the...