My (mostly) finished Tomenosuke build


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Hi everyone, Im happy to finally show of my mostly finished, personalized Tomenosuke PKD build. Outside appearance is where I want it the only think I have left that I want to do is install a metal cylinder which I'm currently waiting on, but here are some photos with descriptions of what I did. And if there are any more in depth questions about how I did a certain thing please feel free to ask.

First off the case: Its a standard pelican case which I inlayed a custom Steyr logo into and added some themed stickers. I used Pelican's custom foam service to cut out the space for the gun and dummy rounds.



For the Dummy rounds I dunked them in Birchwood Casey's brass black for a couple seconds and then peeled it back off and "pocket polished" them by just putting them in a canvas bag and shaking it really hard for 20 minutes to beat them up and give them a bit of a shine.

For the blaster itself I wanted to personalize it to how Id want it to look which is a darker more aggressive finish. I wanted to get as many real parts on it so there is an original binding post from an ee-8 field radio, and an original scope knob from a Weaver scope. I also added a steel barrel, darker amber grips, and a home made front post which I milled to fit the contour of the barrel. I also modified some of the base parts like darkening the base plate, and stripping the paint of the sight rod and darkening it with Birchwood Casey's aluminum black.


(close up of binding post and scope knob)


(close up of re-colored sight rod)

(my custom contoured front post)

(darkened base plate)


Overall this project was really daunting as the Tomenosuke is an expensive piece of hardware to begin with but I'm really happy with how it turned out. I also made a few mistakes along the way which luckily enough ended up giving the gun a bit more character such as screwing up the blueing on the barrel which ended up making it look heat worn. My philosophy for the whole build is I wanted every part to be identifiable as its own piece with a different finish and level of wear to give the gun a look of complexity. I don't think I'll ever be truly finished with it but it finally looks the way I envisioned it and I'm very happy with where its at.

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